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35+ Fun Facts About Bad Bunny


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What’s in a name? Especially with a moniker like “Bad Bunny”.

Bad Bunny is a man of high net worth, a publicized dating history, and many untold secrets.

From putting reggaetón on the map to winning multiple Grammy awards, some may say he’s already the next big thing. But when you peel back those layers, he’s still that same young boy from Puerto Rico with big dreams and a creative mind that cannot be contained musically or style-wise.

Want to know more? Check out the latest fun facts about Bad Bunny below.

1. Bad Bunny Has Four Real Names

We all have an alter-ego like Bad Bunny, but did you know the Dakiti singer has FOUR names? Bad Bunny’s real name is, say it with me, ‘Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio’.

2. He Wanted to Disguise His Identity

Before Bad Bunny became famous, he wanted to conceal his identity by wearing a mask. Talking to James Corden on Carpool Karaoke, the rapper revealed he wanted to hide his face like artists such as DJ Marshmello, “…cause I never wanted to be so famous, but then I just went with the flow,” he said.  

3. Bad Bunny Worked in a Grocery Store

Back in the day, Benito was chasing a different kind-of bag…and it came in paper or plastic. Because his SoundCloud music wasn’t blowing up as anticipated, the young Benito worked as a restocker and bagger at the Supermercado Econo grocery store just to make ends meet up until 2016.

4. He Attended University

Before he took the major stage, Bad Bunny was enrolled as a college student at the University of Puerto Rico. As an audio-visual communications student, Bunny used his time at school to hone his craft and passion for music-making. He was determined to make music an integral part of his life, and it now looks like the work paid off, big-time!

bad bunny celeb
badbunnypr | Instagram

5. Bad Bunny Got His Start on Soundcloud

Wondering how Bad Bunny got famous? While studying and working in 2013, Bunny started uploading his songs Get, Tentación and Just Let Me Know onto SoundCloud.

It wasn’t until 2016, when his song Diles caught the attention of producer DJ Luian. The producer signed him to his record label, and immediately, Bad Bunny’s songs started hitting the Hot Latin Songs chart.

6. His Stage Name Is a Callback to his Childhood

Think Bad Bunny’s stage name is due to his love for bunnies? While that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, there’s actually more behind how Bad Bunny got his name. He told E! News that a photo of himself wearing a bunny costume as a child inspired his alter-ego.

“Bad Bunny, that name comes from a picture when I was a kid,” he said. “I think that I was six years old. I was so mad. That was Easter day in the school and the teacher picked me to dress up.”

He also told James Corden that the name made sense due to his “bad” yet “cute” character – “That’s me! Because I’m a good guy. I’m cute,” he said. 

bad bunny mom
badbunnypr | Instagram

7. Bad Bunny Learned to Sing in the Choir

Despite growing up in a household where his parents were struggling to make ends meet, the Latin heartthrob found a way to grow his love affair with music. Singing in the church choir at a young age became informal training sessions for what would become a worldwide musical platform for his career.

8. His Favorite Food is a Cuban Dish

Bad Bunny is a true foodie at heart, and his deep Latin roots set the tone for his love of flavor. One of his favorite dishes is called ‘Arroz con salchichas’, which is made of rice, Vienna sausages, tomatoes, green olives, capers, and homemade Sofrito and Latin spices. Yummy!

9. Bad Bunny Has Suffered From Depression

Fame may come with glitz and glam, but there’s definitely a dark side to it that’s not always brought into the limelight.

Bad Bunny, in particular, had some struggles earlier on in his career, dealing with the drastic adjustment to fame. In a recent interview with Dominican journalist Santiago Matías, he stated that he faced a lot of depression and sadness, and eventually had to back away from it all.

He said, “That process was more than I could handle, I was overwhelmed… I didn’t feel well, I wasn’t happy with what I was doing, I was feeling unhappy—you know—with all the success: achieving so many things, my dreams [coming true], etc… but I wasn’t enjoying any of it, so I decided to distance myself from everything.”

bad bunny instagram
badbunnypr | Instagram

10. He’s a Family Man

Bad Bunny was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico by his two parents, Tito Martínez and Lysaurie Ocasio. His father was a truck driver, while his mother is a retired schoolteacher. Bad Bunny also has two younger brothers, Bernie and Bysael.

11. He’s Collaborated With Big Names

Bad Bunny has already solidified his musical stardom and is currently the hottest artist to work with. After releasing his breakout hit in 2016 titled Soy Peor, Bunny went on to score top-notch collaborations with your favorite artists.

So far, he’s worked with the likes of Drake, Cardi B, and J Balvin. Based on his current career trajectory, it looks like this artist is only just getting started!

bad bunny cardi b

12…But Dreams to Collaborate With Gaga and Del Rey

We all have our imaginary friend in our heads. Well, Mr. Bunny, if you will, has two favorite female artists he would love to make sweet (platonic) music with.

First up, Lady Gaga. Can you imagine? A reggaetón vibe blended with the bellowing vocals of Gaga? What a dream. Lana Del Rey is a wild card, but definitely has the mellow tones that could easily balance out Bad Bunny’s go-to music style.

13. Bad Bunny is a Pro Wrestler

Aside from being a summer-anthem-making sensation, Bad Bunny is also a wrestler! When he’s not in the studio making new music for our vacay aesthetic, he’s somewhere making a name for himself in the WWE arena.

The Tití Me Pregunto singer made his debut at the 2021 Royal Rumble event, and most recently, fought against his fellow Puerto Rican wrestler Damian Priest. Extra fun fact? His signature wrestling move is called “the Bunny Destroyer.”