Samantha Ruth Prabhu showed bo*ldness wearing torn jeans with a very deep neck crop top. - DJDANGER

Samantha Ruth Prabhu showed bo*ldness wearing torn jeans with a very deep neck crop top.


South’s most famous actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu is known for her style, fashion and fitness. Recently she has shared stylish photos. You will know about her look in the story.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is one of the top actresses of South India. After the item song ‘Oo Antava’ of Pushpa movie, her fan following has increased even more. Samantha is not only a very fit actress but she has no flaws in her style either. When it comes to fashion, there is no one more fashionable than Samantha. Samantha has a very good understanding of fashion and styling which also makes her one of the bo*ldest actresses. Samantha always likes to wear trendy dresses and the new photos shared by her recently are proof of this. Samantha has recently shared some photos which fans are liking a lot. In this look, Samantha is wearing a bikini-style top in which she is looking quite fashionable.

What is special about the dress?

In the photos shared by Samantha, she has adopted an all denim look which is from the ACT N°1 collection. She has worn a crop top with heart shaped neckline with blue denim jeans. This strappy top has accentuated her curves.

To make the side cutout top more stylish, a dramatic design has been made with safety pins which has further enhanced the beauty of the dress. This dress has been styled by Lakshmi Lahar and Charulata Chauhan, Elize have assisted her.

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There are pins in the jeans too

Matching jeans with denim top has enhanced the look. Pins on the front side of the jeans have given a dramatic look. She has carried accessories from Outhouse Jewelery Collection and Drip Project By Metaman which further enhanced her style.

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Denim on denim look

Samantha has given a soft look to her face. She has balanced her makeup and dress with shimmery silver eye shadow and pink shiny lip color. Apart from this, she has applied kajal in her eyes which has also given her a party look. What do you think about Samantha’s latest look? You can also tell us by commenting.

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Samantha’s fitness

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is a fitness freak. She does not stop following her workout and diet routine. Due to the gym being closed during the lockdown, Samantha used to exercise at home. She exercises at least 1 hour daily. Samantha likes weight training very much, that is why she is often seen doing weight training in the gym.

Samantha does weight training at least 4-5 days a week. This helps them to tone the muscles and keep the body in shape. Samantha exercises every body part, for which her trainer has made a routine for her. In weight training, Samantha does many workouts including deadlift, squat, hipthrust, bench press, dumbbell curl, triceps extension. Samantha likes yoga very much, so she does yoga regularly.