Urfi Javed came out on the street wearing a net dress without top, created a ruckus when she bowed, watch

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Urfi Javed New Look: Urfi Javed has once again been seen showing her bo*ld look topless. Haseena has gone out on the streets wearing only a net dress without any top.

Urfi Javed Video Viral: Queen of strange fashion Urfi Javed has once again appeared topless in front of the camera. This time Urfi has presented such an example of bo*ld and strange fashion, seeing which you will be forced to bite your teeth. Yes… last evening Urfi Javed (Urfi Javed Instagram) was seen on the streets of Mumbai wearing a blue net dress, in which she was neither wearing a top nor a bralette. Urfi’s new look is creating a lot of controversy on social media.

Urfi came out without wearing a top!

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The video of Urfi Javed New Look has been shared on the social media page Voompla. Where the actress is seen wreaking havoc in a net dress without top and bra. Urfi Javed’s new transparent net dress has covered her private parts with stars. Also, Urfi has used blue shorts to cover the lower part of the body. Urfi’s net dress has a design made with shining stars on the sleeves and bottom.

Jhumka fell…on Mumbai road!

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Urfi Javed Father was posing for the paparazzi in a viral video, when one of her earrings falls on the road. And then Urfi is seen bending down and picking up the earrings. Urfi Javed Net Worth has completed her latest look by parting her hair from the middle and leaving it open. Urfi’s new look is once again being trolled on social media. People are not able to digest the bo*ld outfit and are commenting fiercely. One user wrote – She overacts a lot, while another wrote – Thankfully only the earring has fallen. Others wrote- Hey Urfi ji, wear something nice…


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