Groom and the bride held hands and did such a dance that left those watching stunned.

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This video is of a wedding function. In the video you can see that the groom’s friend does tremendous Bhangra and the groom is unable to stop himself after seeing his friend dancing. After this, the gathering that takes place has become his followers.

New Delhi: As soon as the tune of Bhangra, the desi dance of Punjab, is played, the feet start tapping on their own. There is so much energy in this dance form that if you see someone doing Bhangra then it is difficult to stop yourself. In a video that has surfaced on social media, something similar happens to the groom sitting on the wedding stage. When Bhangra beats start playing, he forgets the occasion and cannot stop himself from dancing to the desi tune. Seeing the groom dancing, the bride’s feet also start dancing and she also gets down to dance on the stage.

The bride and groom did a spectacular dance together

In the video shared on YouTube Shorts, at the wedding, the groom’s friend goes on the stage and starts doing tremendous Bhangra in front of the bride and groom. Seeing the desi tune and brother’s energetic dance, even the groom is unable to stop himself and gets pulled to the dance floor. Then both of them together start doing amazing Bhangra in desi style. The groom and his friends gather with full energy and tremendous steps. Seeing this, the bride sitting on the stage is also unable to control herself and she also joins both of them and shows her dancing skills.

Energy is being praised a lot.

This video is being watched and liked a lot on YouTube. So far 1.5 lakh likes have come on this. People are praising Bhangra by commenting on the video. One user wrote, ‘Haath Pakad’ was very good. Another wrote, the groom danced very well. The third wrote, the bonding of the family is amazing.


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