Urfi Javed’s Instagram suspended! The actress shared the screenshot

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Urfi Javed: The Instagram account of actress Urfi Javed, who is often in the news for her fashion sense and outspoken style, has been suspended. The actress has shared its screenshot on Insta Story.

Urfi Javed, who is often in the news on social media, is once again in the news and this time the reason is not because of her dress or any of her statements, but because of her Instagram. Urfi Javed’s Instagram account has been suspended and the actress herself has shared its screenshot on social media. The screenshot of Urfi’s Instagram being suspended is being shared rapidly.

Urfi herself shared the screenshot

Urfi herself has shared the screenshot of the message in which it has been said that her account has been suspended. However, Urfi’s account is still visible i.e. she has recovered her account. Many things have been written by Meta in the screenshot of suspending Instagram, which is normal advisory. It is told in the screenshot that her Instagram was suspended due to not following the community guidelines.

Urfi has received threats

Let us tell you that photos and videos of Urfi Javed often go viral on social media. Some people like Urfi’s fashion sense a lot and sometimes she is also trolled. Urfi Javed has also received serious threats many times, in which there were talks ranging from murder to rape. Whereas Urfi is no longer bothered by trolls. Urfi often stops people talking with her outspoken answers.


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