Urfi Javed went topless and hid her body with her legs, fans were stunned to see the bold pictures.

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Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed had shared a video in which she was topless and covered her body with two legs. People were commenting a lot on this. Now she has shown how the video was shot.

Urfi Javed is often in the news for her getup. Recently, instead of clothes, she covered her body with two legs. As usual, people trolled Urfi while some praised her creativity. People had comments asking how Urfi would have done this shoot. Now Urfi has posted the BTS i.e. behind the scene of this shoot. Showed how much effort was put into this shoot.

People said – did you cut off your legs?

Who is not aware of the name of Urfi Javed? She is often the target of trolls for her creative fashion choices. She has done many strange things for her shoots. Now in the recent shoot, she had covered the upper part of her body with her two legs. A follower had written on this post that Urfi had cut someone’s legs to make her top? There were many comments there. Now Urfi has shown how this shoot happened.

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Urfi had made the girl lie down

Urfi has posted pictures of that video shoot today. Urfi is sitting topless in this. She has laid down a girl who has raised her legs. Urfi has covered her body with these. One user has written that where is Urfi going to go wearing this. In another comment, Urfi had said on Bharti’s show that she would wear it.

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People were surprised to see her in a suit

Urfi is often seen in scanty clothes. When she wears full clothes, she becomes the headlines. She has been seen in salwar suit on some occasions and people also praise her. On November 8, she had posted a post in which she was seen wearing a full sleeve suit and a scarf on her head. This was a picture of Gurudwara. People had praised this look of Urfi.


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