Top 10 Visual Queens Of Kpop 2024


Do you want to know who is the Top 10 Visual Queens of Kpop in 2024? Then you are in the right place. We bring you the top 10 visual queen angles in 2024. This list has been prepared by K-pop is not only a Korean industry but a popular industry all over the world, everyone from young to old people is crazy about it.

So Let’s see our list of Top 10 Visual Queens of Kpop in 2024

10. Jennie (BlackPink)

Kim Jennie is a member of the four K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK. Before joining BLACKPINK, Jennie was previously recognized as G-Dragon’s muse in the music videos “That XX” and “Black.” Jennie has the most years of training experience among the BLACKPINK members. She relocated to South Korea in 2010 to become a YG trainee.

In addition, she was the first BLACKPINK member to make her solo debut. Jennie debuted her single “SOLO” in 2018 and dominated charts in Korea and worldwide.

Kim Jennie is now signed with YG Entertainment.

Jennie recently appeared on the YouTube program “The Game Caterers Season 2” alongside her fellow YG labelmates.

9. Jisoo (BlackPink)

Kim Jisoo is a member of the four K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK. She officially debuted as a K-pop artist in 2016. Before becoming the BLACKPINK Jisoo we know today, she participated in several commercial films and music videos alongside her YG labelmates.

Kim Jisoo is the only BLACKPINK member pursuing an acting career. In 2015, she made her debut in a drama. She made a cameo appearance in the classic show “The Producers.” She then made a guest appearance in the dramas “Part-Time Idol” and “Arthdal Chronicles Part 2: The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land.”

2021 was Kim Jisoo’s biggest break in the drama industry. After six years, Kim Jisoo was finally cast as the lead in a drama. She collaborated with actor Jung Hae In on the Disney Plus and JTBC sitcom “Snowdrop.”

Kim Jisoo is presently signed with YG Entertainment.

Kim Jisoo is presently the global spokesperson for the premium brand Dior. She flew to Paris to attend the fashion week.

8. YoonA (Girls Generation)

Im Yoona is a member of the girl group Girls Generation under SM Entertainment. She serves as the group’s center, visual, and lead dancer. She first appeared in Girls Generation on August 5, 2007.

Yoona made her drama debut before joining the idol scene. She appeared in the 2007 series “9 End 2 Outs.” She has already worked as a brand model before making her debut.

Girls Generation has ruled the music industry ever since their debut. They have multiple successful songs, including “Into the New World,” “Gee,” “Genie,” and many others. They are known as the Nation’s Girl Group. Aside from Korea, the girls have released albums in Japan. They also performed concerts in other regions of the world.

From 2007 until 2018, Yoona took part in every Girls Generation campaign. Their most recent comeback was with Girls Generation’s subgroup Oh!GG.

Despite her active idol career, Yoona was able to complete her acting tasks. She even had the opportunity to star in a Chinese popular show.

Yoona has been in several dramas and movies since 2016, including “K2,” “The King In Love,” “Hush,” “Confidential Assignment,” “EXIT,” and many more.

Yoona is currently busier as an actor than a singer. She is still managed by SM Entertainment.

7. Lisa (BlackPink)

Pranpriya Manoban, also known as Lalisa and Lisa (stage names), is a Thai member of YG Entertainment’s girl group BLACKPINK. She is the main dancer in the ensemble. At the age of 14, Lisa relocated to South Korea to pursue her passion. She made her formal K-Pop debut in 2016 as the only non-Korean singer signed to YG Entertainment at the moment. Aside from her promotions as a BLACKPINK member, Lisa also exhibits her dance abilities and vlogs on her personal YouTube channel, LiLi Film.

Lisa made her solo debut in September 2021 with the single album “Lalisa.”

Lisa is presently signed with YG Entertainment.

6. Chanty (Lapillus)

Maria Chantal Videla, also known as Chanty is a Filipino-Argentine singer and actress who is part of the South Korean girl group Lapillus.

On May 16, 2022, MLD Entertainment officially revealed that their next girl group Lapillus will debut in June, with Shana and Chanty being the only confirmed members so far. On May 25, 2022, her Lapillus profile photo was unveiled. They made their debut on June 20, 2022, with the digital song “Hit Ya!”

5. Rose (BlackPink)

Rosé is a member of the K-pop group BLACKPINK. She was discovered by YG Entertainment during an audition in Sydney, Australia. She won top place at the audition. Rosé trained at YG for four years and two months before her debut. She trained for four years and two months.

Rosé made her professional debut in the Korean industry in 2016. Since then, she has concentrated on the marketing of her group. Rosé made her formal solo debut in 2021 with the track “Gone” from her album “R.”

Rosé is presently signed with YG Entertainment.

4. Joy (Red Velvet)

Park Soo Young, better known by her stage name Joy, is a member of SM Entertainment’s five-member group Red Velvet. She started training at SM Entertainment in 2012. She made her official debut in August 2014. Aside from being a member of Red Velvet, Joy rose to prominence after appearing in the reality show “We Got Married” alongside BTOB’s Sungjae. Joy has since participated in idol activities as well as variety show programs.

Joy made her acting debut in 2017 with the series “The Liar and His Lover.” She has also appeared in other series, including 2018’s Tempted and 2021’s The One and Only.

Joy is also recognized for her popular OSTs for many dramas. Joy made her solo debut in May 2021 with the album “Hello.” The song performed well on numerous Korean charts.

Joy confirmed her relationship with artist Crush in August 2021. SM Entertainment and P Nation confirmed that the two are romantically involved. She is the first Red Velvet member to engage in a public relationship.

Joy is now under the management of SM Entertainment.

3. Tzuyu (TWICE)

Chou Tzu-yu, also known as Tzuyu, is a member of JYP Entertainment’s nine-member group, TWICE. Tzuyu is the lone Taiwanese member and the group’s youngest.

Tzuyu was discovered at the MUSE Performing Arts Workshop in Tainan in 2012. She then pursued her goal and traveled to South Korea. Tzuyu prepared for over two years before making her formal debut with TWICE on October 15, 2015.

Tzuyu spent her entire career as a member of TWICE promoting the group. The group publishes songs in Korea and Japan, and they go back and forth to promote their music. They also performed concerts in other regions of the world.

TWICE is noted for multiple hit songs, including “TT,” “Cheer Up,” “What Is Love,” and others.

TWICE held their official US concert (7 gigs in 5 arenas) in 2022, with more than 100,000 tickets sold.

Tzuyu is under the management of JYP Entertainment.

2. Nancy (Momoland)

Nancy Jewel Mcdonie, also known as Nancy, is a member of the six-member ensemble MOMOLAND founded by MLD Entertainment. She was born in South Korea, to an American father and a Korean mother.

She made her formal debut with the group on November 10, 2016. Nancy, however, had already performed in several audition programs before joining MOMOLAND. In 2021, she auditioned for Korea’s Got Talent and made it to the semi-finals. She has also appeared on other variety shows. She then joined Nega Network as a trainee. She took part in the reality show Finding Momoland and finished first. This made her an official member of MOMOLAND.

Nancy is an enthusiastic promoter and a member of MOMOLAND. She also did solo gigs including MCing, cameos in music videos, and more.

MOMOLAND’s career exploded in 2018 following the release of their single “Bboom Bboom.” Everyone danced to their song. It even gained global popularity and became the Philippine national anthem. The group also released the track “Baam” that year, which did well.

MOMOLAND struck a co-management agreement with the Philippines’ ABS-CBN Corporation in 2019. Nancy is also set to star in a miniseries alongside a Filipino actor.

Nancy joined the six MOMOLAND members on their comeback in 2022. They dropped their collaboration single “Yummy Yummy Love” with Natti Natasha.

Nancy remains under the management of MLD Entertainment.

1. Irene (Red Velvet)

Top 10 Visual Queens of Kpop 2024
Top 10 Visual Queens of Kpop 2024

Irene, born Bae Joohyun, is the leader of SM Entertainment’s five-member girl group Red Velvet. Aside from being the group’s leader, she is also the visual artist, major rapper, and lead dancer. Her debut occurred on August 1, 2014.

Before joining Red Velvet, Irene appeared in her senior, Super Junior’s Henry’s “1-4-3” music video. She also took part in SM Entertainment’s SM Rookies promotions, where they unveiled their trainees.

After her debut, Irene participated in both group and solo activities, such as participating in another Super Junior member’s music video and serving as the MC for Music Bank alongside actor Park Bo Gum. Irene also participates in several programs, both with and without other Red Velvet members.

After two years of being a Red Velvet member, Irene began her acting career. She originally appeared in the web drama “Women at a Game Company.”

She made her Red Velvet debut in 2020 as part of a subunit alongside Seulgi.

Irene also made her big screen debut in the 2021 film “Double Patty.”

Irene is signed with SM Entertainment.



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