Top 10 Movies You Need to Watch if Having a Bad Day


Admit it, movies make life beautiful! But it also strongly depends on what kind of movies you watch. Movies can ruin your life too, if they are the wrong kind! Some movies leave an imprint on your mind forever and kind of stick along. Whenever you find your favorite movie being played on the television while scrolling through channels, you start watching it even if you had a hundred times before.

Why? Because that movie reminds you of the good stretch you had watching it the previous time- it kind of carries you away! Here are 10 of some hundreds of movies you need to watch if you’re having a bad day. Trust me, they Will do justice to your mood as they do to mine!

10- Hot Rod

Hot Rod Movie
Starring Andy Samberg and Isla Fisher, the First look to this movie could make you think what a cheesy flick, with the goofy teenage wannabees and their lame stunts going wrong. But as you proceed, it will clobber your inner critic until you get to love it.

You will learn to love all the weirdness of the wannabe stunt man with a mission who plays the lead and his bonding with the people around him with an utter sprinkle of stupidity. If you are looking for good-looking macho boys doing cool stuff, this movie could disappoint you! The boys in the movie teach that perfection is not needed in doing something cool.

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9- We Bought a Zoo

Movies You Need to Watch if Having a Bad Day
Based on a True Story, it is a Perfect Family movie starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson in the lead. The story is all about Bonding, Love, Loss and Zoo Animals! If you are an animal lover, this movie is a huge go- and even if you are not, at least give it a try and it won’t disappoint you.

It will convince you that all things come at a right time and its never late to change what you can’t accept either accept what you can’t change. If the movie has to be defined in one word; Heartwarming!

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8- Let’s be Cops

Let's be Cops
Now this movie might be PG rated but it’s a must watch. It’s about what best pals make you do- they make you impersonate a cop and it doesn’t even feel wrong- at least for a time being! This movie will give you goosebumps and chuckles, all at the same time.

Sometimes doing something wrong takes you to the right way where you stick forever, content and satisfied. Committing a felony rarely gets you somewhere safe but this movie had its own hilariously scary ways.

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7- Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine
A delightful and surprisingly moving movie with a great work form the entire cast which includes Greg Kinnear, Abigail Breslin and Steve Carell. Ever had an adventure travelling with the family?

Try this movie where the Hoover family will take you along their dysfunctional heights of quirks and epic problems which they face during the family road trip in a VW bus on their way to the pageant their daughter hopes to reach safe and sound!

6- The Internship

The Internship
This movie handles the term Generation Gap in the best way. Starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn where the duo enter world of youngsters where they scatter some of their own old school magic while savoring some new school experience at their life as Interns at Google.

5- The Proposal

The Proposal
Being a fan of Ryan Reynolds made me watch this movie like a dozen times! It’s a predictable romantic comedy which gets alive by Reynold’s and Bullock’s performance.

The best thing about it was how a person doesn’t know what he wants until a couple of strangers make him realize who he is and what he actually wants from life. Don’t get it? Just go ahead and watch this movie. You are so going to love it.

4- Love Actually

Love Actually Movie
Nine intertwined stories which explain the meaning of love, and it’s not just the love seen in the romantic movies or read about in Shakespearean love stories.

It is about the love of an actor for his manager, a sister’s love for her brother, a friend’s love for his best friend, a mother’s love for her children, a stepfather’s love for his stepson and all other many kinds of love being dealt by several reprising actors including Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson, Andrew Lincoln, Colin Firth . Its an R rated movie with a nice soundtrack.

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3- Blended

Blended Movie Poster
Starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in the main roles, this movie is a total joy! Though it’s a predictable comedy where the side roles are funnier than the leads, it’s a sweet movie which will change your mood with all the holiday ecstasy it provides. This movie genuinely portrays all the blending concepts and what it takes to really be there and blend in. I really wish for a sequel to this movie!

2- Storks

Storks 2016, Movie
This movie is one adorable animated movie with a catchy storyline and a touching soundtrack. The storyline, the characters, their facial expressions- everything is just perfect. It’s a kids’ movie but it’s also somewhat about parenthood (I cried during the climax). Basically, it’s fueled by a series of powerful thought provoking messages for everyone in the audience no matter what age. Once you watch it, it really stays with you for a while!

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1- Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Trilogy)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Every movie in this list is a favorite and unique in its own way so putting one of them at number one was a tough call. Since it’s a Trilogy (the fourth part coming out soon!) and an adaptation to a book then why not! If you have a stomach for juvenile jokes, sibling torture and middle school anxiety wittily executed, then this is a delicious series to stick to.

The characters seem like they’re somehow originally related and you will picture yourself in either one of their situation therein. It’s a plenty of fun for the audience. And it’s not just a one-time watch, you would definitely want to watch it again because its light like a feather, a feather which will also tickle you in the tummy!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some snacks and watch your favourite movies because they are supposed to make you feel lighter.



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