Sabrina Carpenter’s Dating History: A List of Boyfriends

Sabrina Carpenter’s Dating History: A List of Boyfriends


It’s no secret that Espresso singer Sabrina Carpenter prefers to keep her love life under wraps.

Despite being linked to a string of eligible bachelors, the pop star has managed to keep *most* of her relationships safely on the DL. But behind the scenes, whispers of romance are still going strong. 

Did she actually date Dylan O’Brien? What was the deal with Joshua Bassett? And that steamy TikTok kiss with Charlie Puth…was it all for the ‘gram?

Let’s dive into the clues, decode the cryptic Instagram posts, and uncover the truth behind the singer’s hush-hush relationships. Scroll down for Sabrina Carpenter’s dating history!

A List of Sabrina Carpenter’s Boyfriends

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Ex: Bradley Steven Perry

Who is He? Actor
Dated In: 2014-2015

sabrina carpenter and bradley perry collage
bradley_s_perry12 | Instagram

Long before she was belting out breakup songs, Sabrina was all smiles with Good Luck Charlie star Bradley Steven Perry.

Bradley recently revealed all on the Unplanned Podcast, explaining that he and Sabrina shared a “high-school style romance” while filming their shows Girl Meets World and Mighty Med

Apparently, young Brad went all out in an attempt to woo her. Speaking to J14 back in 2015, Sab stated, “It was a really unique way to ask someone out. It was like the pirate movies, like they do the little bottles and they put notes in them and send them across the ocean, like one of those, and he put a note inside. It was cute.”

After painting a picture-perfect teen romance on Instagram, ‘Brabina’ unexpectedly called it quits. Some fans speculate that someone else was on the scene, but the truth remains locked away in the Disney vault! 

Rumored Ex: Bradley Simpson

Who is He? Singer 
Dated In: May 2017

Bradley Simpson hugging sabrina carpenter

From one Bradley to the next… 

In 2017, Sabrina’s on-stage chemistry with The Vamps’ frontman Bradley Simpson had fans wondering whether the pair were more than just friends. After sharing snaps of her and the British-born singer on socials, Sab’s followers started to speculate whether another romance was on the cards.

However, in an interview with Seventeen magazine, Sabrina quickly dispelled the rumors, saying, “We completely ignore it. For me, first of all, I didn’t know about all this. Bradley also isn’t on social media very much. I think we just try to live in reality as much as we can.”

Was their intense on-stage eye contact a sign of hidden feelings? Or were they just good friends putting on a show? 

We’ll never know for sure, but it certainly made for a great performance!

Rumored Ex: Corey Fogelmanis

Who is He? Actor
Dated In: Jan – Aug 2018

 Corey Fogelmanis and sabrina carpenter
coreyfogelmanis | Instagram

Just a year after rumors were spread about Brabrina 2.0, fans started to play detective again, linking Sabrina with Girl Meets World co-star Corey Fogelmanis. Pictured in many playful snaps together, the pair seemed to have a lot of love for each other, but according to them, they’ve never been romantically involved.

Wishing Corey a happy 19th birthday back in 2018, Sab wrote on Instagram: “you’re a great friend and I’m honored to know you, and not date you. thanks for being there for me and not dating me. love u so much. Platonically.”

Corey has since openly embraced his identity as a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, using his platform to advocate for acceptance and visibility.

Ex: Griffin Gluck

Who is He? Actor
Dated In: Oct 2019 – Aug 2020

Griffin Gluck and sabrina carpenter dressed up for halloween
griffingluck | Instagram

Next in Sabrina Carpenter’s dating history is her fellow actor, Griffin Gluck.

Sabrina and Griffin were romantically linked in 2019 after meeting on the set of the Netflix film Tall Girl. Although the pair never officially confirmed their relationship, they were often spotted together and shared glimpses of their close connection on social media. They even went as far as channeling Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s iconic double denim look for Halloween! 

At the time, paparazzi captured a few PDA-filled moments between the two, but by 2020, a representative for Carpenter reportedly confirmed that the couple had split. The reasons for their supposed separation never came to light, but some speculate that the distance and the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic may have played a part.

Ex: Joshua Bassett 

Who is He? Actor and Singer
Dated In: June 2020 – Sep 2021

joshua bassett and sabrina carpenter dressed up for halloween
joshuabassett | TikTok

Whispers of a romance between Sabrina and Joshua Bassett began circulating in 2020 when the pair were spotted at a Black Lives Matter protest. Then, shortly after, Paparazzi captured photos of them enjoying lunch together in L.A. which only added fuel to the fire. 

And it doesn’t stop there… That year, Sab decided to play Halloween dress up again, this time as Lavagirl to Joshua’s Sharkboy. Sharing their outfits on TikTok, Joshua captioned his post: “dream a dream u little bleep #sharkboyandlavagirl @sabrinacarpenter.” 

By 2021, things had reached a boiling point when fan photos surfaced of the couple in Park City, Utah. But the real drama unfolded thanks to Olivia Rodrigo’s chart-topping ballad Drivers License, which fans speculated was about Josh leaving her for Sabrina. 

Looking back, it’s not quite clear why Sabrina and Joshua broke it off, but the intense public scrutiny surrounding their alleged love triangle likely played a role in their relationship’s demise. 

That same year, Joshua confirmed he was “figuring out” his sexuality.

Rumored Ex: Dylan O’Brien

Who is He? Actor 
Dated In: Sep 2022

Dylan O'Brien
imdylanobrien | Instagram

We have yet another actor to add to Sabrina’s star-studded dating history!

In September 2022, Sabrina was spotted with Teen Wolf heartthrob Dylan O’Brien in New York City during Fashion Week. A photo of them standing on a street corner was shared by the celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi, and some fans even claimed to have seen them sharing a smooch at a local bar.

Neither Sabrina nor Dylan ever addressed the rumors, and the speculation eventually died down. Perhaps they were just friends, but their mysterious public appearance together certainly got fans talking… 

Rumored Ex: Shawn Mendes 

Who is He? Singer-Songwriter
Dated In: Feb 2023

shawn mendes
shawnmendes | Instagram

DeuxMoi were on the case yet again in 2023, when they leaked a tip that Sabrina had been seen out on a date with Camila Cabello’s ex-boyfriend, Shawn Mendes. Spotted at Horses on Sunset Boulevard, one onlooker suggested that they looked “verrry comfortable” and were “clearly on a date.”  

Shortly after, fans went wild with speculation as photos surfaced of the pair hiking together, running errands, and even making an appearance at Miley Cyrus‘ album release bash. 

In an interview for Dutch entertainment show RTL Boulevard, Mendes was quick to address the rumors, stating: “We are not dating…I think we should talk about Tommy Hilfiger probably more than Sabrina. But thank you.” 

Note to self: Don’t ask Shawn Mendes about his dating life!

Rumored Ex: Charlie Puth

Who is He? Singer-Songwriter
Dated In: March 2023

Charlie Puth sabrina carpenter

The same year that Sabrina was rumored to be hooking up with Shawn Mendes, she was seen locking lips with pop singer Charlie Puth in a TikTok teaser for his catchy love song That’s Not How This Works. In the brief 13-second clip, Sabrina is shown playing a game of Operation with the Light Switch singer at what appears to be a romantic candle-lit dinner.

She then holds up a small white heart as Charlie says to her, “I always knew you had a tiny, tiny heart,” before the song then begins to play and they lean in for the kiss.

Sab’s surprising appearance in the video quickly sparked dating rumors, but it was later confirmed that the kiss was purely for promotional purposes. 

Charlie Puth was, in fact, dating Brooke Sansone at the time, and they are now happily engaged!

Rumored Ex: David Dobrik

Who is He? YouTuber & Internet Personality
Dated In: Aug 2023

David Dobrik
daviddobrik | Instagram

If you thought we might have reached the end of Sab’s rumored relationships in 2023, you thought wrong. In August 2023, fans were sent into a frenzy when Sabrina was spotted at Lollapalooza festival hanging out with Slovakian born YouTuber David Dobrik. According to PageSix, the pair were seen partying together until the early hours and shared a booth next to the stage with some of their other friends. 

Although the two of them clearly enjoyed hanging out, Sabrina later took to Instagram to squash any dating rumors with a post captioned “sry i don’t date lollapaloozas.”

Shortly after, a fan shared Sabrina’s hilarious comment on X, tweeting: “news breaking out she might be dating david dobrik and two seconds later she posts on insta to tell us she doesn’t date losers…that’s how you shut it down!”

Boyfriend: Barry Keoghan

Who is He? Actor
Dated In: Sep 2023 – Now

Barry Keoghan sabrina carpenter
wmag | Instgram

After a whirlwind of dating “nonsense,” it seems Sabrina has finally found a genuine connection with Saltburn star Barry Keoghan.

First meeting at Paris Fashion Week in September 2023, rumors quickly started to circulate, and it wasn’t long before the pair were papped enjoying an evening out together in Brentwood, LA. 

After a series of cryptic Instagram comments and a public appearance at the Gucci Grammys after party in February, the couple made their red carpet debut at the Vanity Fair Oscars party in March, where they happily posed side-by-side.

Since then, the couple have gone from strength-to-strength, with Barry even arranging a special 25th birthday celebration for Sabrina featuring a meme-inspired cake with Leonardo Di Caprio’s face on it. Captioned: “Nooo don’t turn 25 your so sexy aha,” it was the perfect cake for a meme-queen like Sab!

There you have it – Sabrina Carpenter’s full dating history!

Has our favorite pop princess finally found her knight in shining armor? Or will this enchanting celebrity fairy tale eventually reach its final chapter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



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