Namrata Malla got a bo*ld photoshoot done without wearing a bra, photos set the internet on fire – see here

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Namrata Malla bo*ld photoshoot: Bhojpuri cinema’s Sunny Leone i.e. Namrata Malla is once again hurting the hearts of her fans with her beauty. Namrata Malla, who creates havoc on the internet with her bo*ld pictures every day, has once again created a stir in the hearts of her fans. Namrata Malla has created a stir on the internet with her killer style and braless photo shoot. Namrata Malla’s pictures are setting the internet on fire.

Namrata is the sensation of Bhojpuri cinema

Namrata Malla, who is considered the sensation of Bhojpuri cinema, her fans eagerly wait for the pictures and videos. Whenever Namrata Malla shares a photo or video, it goes viral on the internet within minutes. Fans keep an eye on commenting on her pictures. Namrata, who is active on social media, knows very well how to attract the attention of her fans.

Namrata Malla did a braless photoshoot

Namrata’s bo*ld photoshoot is once again wreaking havoc on the internet. In these pictures, Namrata Malla has done a braless photoshoot, that is, Namrata Malla is not wearing a bra. This bo*ld photoshoot of Namrata is so hot and sizzling that fans are drooling. Fans are forced to sigh after seeing her pictures.

Namrata Malla was wearing only a coat

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In the pictures shared, Namrata Malla has given fans sleepless nights by showing one killer style of hers. In this bo*ld photoshoot, Namrata Malla is wearing only a coat. She has even opened the buttons of her coat. Namrata is wearing a choker around her neck and black colored earrings in her ears.

Became a bo*ld boss lady

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This style of Namrata Malla with open hair will leave you in awe. In the latest photoshoot, Namrata Malla has flaunted her curvy figure very beautifully. Looks like she has become a bo*ld boss lady.

Namrata Malla gave hot poses

The expressions in Namrata’s eyes in the shared pictures have made the hearts of the fans water with shame. Her eyes are looking quite murderous. Sitting on a red sofa, Namrata Malla has given such poses that the hearts of the viewers have skipped a beat.

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Fans keep waiting for photos and videos

Let us tell you that this is not the first time that Namrata has posed for such pictures. You can understand the madness of her fans to such an extent that they keep waiting for her photos and videos on social media. As soon as any of her posts comes, there is a flood of likes and comments.

More than 22 lakh people follow

More than 22 lakh people follow Namrata Malla on Instagram. Let us tell you that Namrata has worked with many Bhojpuri superstars. Even today people are forced to listen to her dance songs.


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