Mira Kapoor wore saree without blouse, mother-in-law interrupted her as soon as she saw her

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Shahid Kapoor’s wife has recently shared her bo*ld photo on Instagram and Shahid will definitely not be able to control her heart after seeing it. Mira (Mira Rajput) wore a saree without blouse for a shoot.

New Delhi: As much as Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor is famous, her wife also has the same fan following. While the actor entertains people with her acting, her wife wreaks havoc on social media. Mira Rajput also does something similar and her recent photo has created a stir. She shared such a photo on her Instagram that it created havoc on the internet.

Meera’s bo*ld style

Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput has recently shared her glamorous photos. Only one picture related to this photoshoot has surfaced, but the photos shared are such that after seeing them, not only Meera’s fans but also her mother-in-law are seen praising the beauty of her daughter-in-law. Meera’s bo*ld style has never been seen before.

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saree worn without blouse

First of all, let’s talk about the latest photo, in which Mira Rajput could be seen wearing a saree, the base color of which was dusty rose pink. Not only was Meera’s beauty palpable in this traditional Indian outfit, but its colour-coordination was also absolutely stunning on her. Mira Rajput did not wear any kind of blouse with this statement piece, rather this beauty had covered up her front gesture in such a way that despite being bo*ld, it was creating elegance in it.

Mother-in-law commented

If you take a look at Meera’s overall look, you will see that she had kept the pallu of her saree free from one shoulder, due to which the tattoo on her back was also being flaunted very well. Let us tell you that Meera has got a tattoo of the shape of a lotus flower on her back. There is no need to repeat again and again how beautiful Mira Rajput looked in this saree. As soon as the picture of Mira (Mira Rajput) was revealed in this avatar, not only people filled her social media with praises but her mother-in-law Neelima Azim also praised the beauty of her daughter-in-law. Seeing her simple daughter-in-law in this style was completely new for her too.


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