Malaika Arora wore such a transparent dress, everything was visible when the light fell on it! All eyes fixed on one place

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Malaika Arora Video: Bollywood actress Malaika Arora has recently launched her new music video, in which Haseena wore very vulgar clothes! Malaika wore such a skirt that as soon as she touched it, everything inside was visible! The look of the actress surprised everyone.

Malaika Arora wear See Through Skirt: Malaika Arora has been in Bollywood for many years and even today this beauty gives tough competition to top actresses in terms of looks and fitness. Malaika Arora stays in headlines more because of her looks and bo*ld dresses than her work. Let us tell you that this Hasina has recently launched her new music video (Malaika Arora Music Video) in which she is accompanied by Punjabi singer and actor Guru Randhawa. Guru and Malaika danced together on their new song at the launch event of this video, whose videos are becoming very viral on social media. For this music video launch, Malaika wore such a skirt on which everything inside was visible as soon as the light fell on it…

Malaika Arora wore such a thin fabric skirt

As we just told you, Malaika wore a co-ord skirt and crop top at the launch of her new music video. Malaika was undoubtedly looking very beautiful in this look but something happened that caught everyone’s attention. Malaika’s skirt was a sequence skirt and the fabric was very thin due to which Haseena became a victim of an Oops moment!

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Everything was visible as soon as the light came on, eyes remained fixed at one place!

In this video you can see that Malaika Arora is dancing with Guru Randhawa on her own song. The video of their song is playing in the background and both are performing standing in front. All the lights are focused on Guru and Malaika because of the performance; When the light fell on Malaika’s wife’s skirt, the undergarment worn by the actress was visible. This bo*ld video of Arjun Kapoor’s girlfriend is becoming increasingly viral.


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