How to Eliminate the Fishy Stink after Using Fish

How to Eliminate the Fishy Stink after Using Fish Oil

Alongside having a sound body, people also dream to smell good and sort out all the unhygienic problems. These all aspects relate to the food intake too, which is why it is recommended to eat healthy. 

Another concerning matter is the unpleasant smell that people notice after the consumption of fish oil or its supplements. Let’s see what our research mentions in order to eliminate fishy stink from clothes and breath.

Does Fish Oil Really Stink?

Fish oil is a wonderful blessing to humankind. You can definitely not directly avail it from nature like fruits and vegetables. However, with the aid of certain processes of extraction, you can buy the best of its kind. So many supplement brands sell it in liquid and capsule form, which one can shop, relying on their ease of consumption. 

Furthermore, the magical composition of fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, like eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, which give rise to massive health benefits. For instance, one can manage the arthritis symptoms, observe the lessening of inflammation and enjoy the slowing down of muscle loss. Nevertheless, the prime question is that is there actually any smell or odor emitted by fish oil? The answer is yes, yet no. 

Fish Oils Turning Rancid

Oils or foods that contain fat are susceptible to rancid. This happens when the food is old and oxidized. This leads to an unpleasant taste and smell. Same goes for the fish oil and its supplements. Therefore, the fresh fish oil will not emit odor. 

On the other hand, the rancid fish oil will give a very strong rotten smell alongside fishy taste. If you are consuming rancid fish oil supplements, you will not effectively avail their benefits. Instead, this intake can result in digestive discomfort like diarrhea. With the passage of time, one can suffer from inflammation and cellular damage too.

Removing Fishy Smell from Clothes

You need proper washing treatment to eliminate the fish oil smell from your clothes. This is because the detergent fragrances are not enough to do the job. In order to wash such clothes in a machine, keep in mind to soak them in baking soda and warm water solution first. You will never like the idea of transferring the smell to the machine. Another tip is to wash only the infected article of clothing and avoid mixing it with others.

Moreover, keep it soaked overnight. The water should be as hot as possible for washing, alongside the use of your preferred laundry detergent. Make certain you have checked the care label before doing all this because you cannot use warm water for all sorts of fabrics. Continue by stretching the wet article of clothing to prevent it from shrinking because of this kind of water temperature.

Now, make best use of the sunlight by line-drying this piece of cloth. This can help too in the process of getting rid of fishy smell. You can repeat the whole procedure we mentioned here if there are still traces of unpleasant smell. 

Getting Rid of Fishy Breath or Aftertaste

Commence with brushing your teeth on a daily basis, or most preferably, twice a day. Drink more water and concentrate on cleaning your tongue too. These are simple tactics that are necessary even if you are not a victim of fishy breath or aftertaste. Moreover, you can drink black tea and chew cinnamon gum.

In order to get rid of fishy aftertaste, you can treat fish oil supplements in a certain way. For instance, you can freeze them prior to consumption. This will slow the stomach’s job. Also, do not take expired products, or rancid supplements. 

How to remove the smell of fish oil?

You can start with baking soda to remove the smell of fish oil from clothes. However, if the smell still stays, you can use lemon juice or vinegar. Make sure to use lemon juice only on white clothes as they have the bleaching properties.

How do you get rid of fishy taste after taking fish oil?

Try mixing the fish oil into salad dressing, juices and smoothies to keep the taste pleasant. This is suitable for kids. For reducing the aftertaste, you can freeze the fish oil supplements first and then consume. This way, the stomach will require more time to process.

How to get rid of bad breath from fish oil?

First, consider taking fish oil supplements with meal encompassing fats. This will help in the absorption process as fishy burps are usually the sign of slow digestion. Another way is to take black tea as it will make your breath smell sweet. Also, try taking cinnamon gum.

What cancels out the smell of fish?

If a fish smell is lingering around your house, take vinegar and water solution and boil it. The evaporation will help to get rid of such odor. Moreover, you can place a bowl of vinegar overnight to see the positive results. Also, if you have cooked fish, cleaning the kitchen soon after that with lemon-scented products can assist. 

How do I make sure I don’t smell like fish?

One should focus on good hygiene. Wear clean and breathable clothes. Moreover, you should drink plenty of water. Concentrate on frequent bathing to let your clothes smell good too.


Taking care of oneself is essential to live a comfortable life. Taking fish oil can help you in this process; nevertheless, it causes some discomfort. As illustrated today, the issue is fishy stink. This can either come from your mouth or from your clothes.

In order to remove this odor from the articles of your clothing, you should wash them properly. Make use of baking soda and hot water to do the task seamlessly. Moreover, expose the washed clothes to direct sunlight. Wash again if required. For eliminating the bad breath and aftertaste, brush teeth and drink water. Chew gums of cinnamon flavor or drink black tea. Also, do not take expired fish oil supplements.

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