Groom did such a dirty thing during the farewell…the bride refused to go, the wedding procession returned with hanging faces.

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It is being told that while applying vermillion to the bride, the groom started stumbling under the influence of alcohol. Seeing this the bride became suspicious and sat at a distance. During the farewell, the groom did some objectionable act while drunk. Angered by this, the bride refused to go to her in-laws’ house.

A surprising news is coming out from the district. Actually, here the groom did such a thing at the time of farewell that the bride got angry and refused to go with her husband. After this the groom had to return home empty handed. In this way the groom’s married life could not begin.

The matter is of Moti Rajpur village located in Garkha of Saran district. It is being told that after the completion of all the rituals at the wedding ceremony in Motirajpur, Garkha, the groom did something uncomfortable during the farewell. Angered by this action of the groom, the bride refused to go to her in-laws’ house. Even after much understanding, the bride was not ready to go with the drug addict groom.

All the wedding rituals were completed

It was told that the marriage procession had come from Bhagwanpur Haat police station area of Siwan district to Motirajpur village of Garkhathana area. There was an atmosphere of happiness in the house regarding the marriage. The bride’s side welcomed the wedding party with much fanfare. After this there was a rosary. Everything was going well. Meanwhile, by the time the time for donating vermilion came, the groom was completely intoxicated. The groom started stumbling while drunk. Seeing this the bride became suspicious and sat at a distance. Somehow the people present there controlled the groom. After the marriage, when it was time to bid farewell, the bride’s farewell ritual was also completed.

The bride refused to go to her in-laws’ house

According to the girl’s side, after the farewell, the bride’s car had gone some distance away from the village when the groom, in an intoxicated state, started doing objectionable acts. After this the bride refused to go with the groom. After this there was an uproar. The girl’s family took the boy and his brother hostage. Panchayat was also held, but the girl did not agree and the wedding procession returned without the bride. It was told that people from the boy’s side are trying for reconciliation. At present, some are shying away from saying anything openly. A neighbor of the groom said that the boy was definitely drunk at the time of the marriage, but the girl’s allegation of committing objectionable acts is baseless.


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