Groom asked for such a thing in front of everyone, beaten with slippers in front of entire wedding procession

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A video is going viral on social media which will give a very good lesson to the people. Actually, after the marriage, the groom demanded a motorcycle from his father-in-law as dowry. After this the groom’s father became angry with him.

Countless videos go viral every day on social media. Most of the videos in this are such that they either surprise you or make you laugh. But sometimes some such videos also go viral which give good lessons to people. Currently, a similar video is going viral which will inspire people not to ask for dowry. In fact, after the marriage, the groom demanded a motorcycle as dowry from his father-in-law. But the groom’s father did not like this.

Viral video will give good lesson

This video going viral on social media will tell everyone that demanding dowry is wrong. This video is a small sample of what can happen to people who support dowry. Actually, in the viral video you can see that a person has a slipper in his hand and he is holding the collar of the groom. The man hits the groom with a slipper and says, ‘Come on, I will sell you the farm and give you a motorcycle. Come with your wife. This person is none other than the groom’s father, who was angry with his son over the issue of dowry.

Watch the video yourself

people made such comments

This video has been shared on social media platform X (earlier Twitter) by a page named @HasnaZaruriHai. The caption accompanying the video is written humorously – Only motorcycle was asked for in dowry. Till the time of writing the news, more than 13 thousand people have watched the video. After watching the video, a user wrote – Wedding processions are always beaten in Mithlanchal, now even the groom is not safe. Another user has shared a laughing emoji.


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