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Disha Patani spotted at night in short shorts and braless top, bo*ld avatar


Actress Disha Patani is often seen in such clothes, which add the sizzle element to her look. But this time Hasina, wearing shorts, spread such magic of beauty that my heart was stolen in an instant.

After a long time, Disha Patani has been seen in such a look, which greatly enhances her curvy and fit figure and gives her a very attractive look. This beautiful girl was looking so amazing from head to toe that it was completely impossible to take our eyes off her. Even if you see their photos, you will feel like looking at them again and again. And whether you are Disha’s fan or not, seeing her look will definitely melt your heart. So if you are looking at the photo, then view it with caution.

Hot avatar of night and disha

Disha Patani was spotted outside a famous restaurant in Mumbai. When this lady came out in the dark of the night amidst the flashing lights of the camera flash, her clothes and the hot look created by it made the heart beat faster.

The entire look looked so sizzling in the pictures itself that it is easy to imagine that anyone who saw Disha right in front of her would not have been able to stop herself from being infatuated.

Corset top paired with hot pants

Disha, who is usually seen in loose fit or figure hugging dresses, wore hot shorts made of denim this time. She paired it with an off shoulder corset top. This upperwear of low-cut neckline was giving a very attractive look to her slim waistline and bust portion.

Whatever angle you look at, you get fitness goals.

The angle from which Disha was seen wearing short shorts, low-cut top and sneakers, her fitness was clearly visible. This is the reason why on one hand this look was giving tremendous fashion goals, and on the other hand it was also giving a lot of fitness goals.

Had a bag of this luxury brand on her shoulder

Well, one more thing stole our attention in this entire look. Actually, Disha carried a black mini bag made of leather to round off her style. This stylish purse was not from any such company, but from one of the world’s most famous fashion brands, Louis Vuitton. Each bag of this comes at a price of lakhs.

The fans must have been happy

Surely some people will object to this hot look of Disha Patani. But the fans of the actress will definitely be happy. Because after a long time, the stunning and absolutely flawless look of this natural beauty has been seen.