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Bad Bunny’s Dating History – A Complete List of Girlfriends


Beyond that brazen persona and his slick Reggaetón moves, Bad Bunny is a lover boy at heart. 

Also known as Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, this Latin superstar has dated and been linked to women of all backgrounds, from your everyday 9-5 professional, to mega models ripping the runway. 

So, want to dive into Bad Bunny’s dating history a little more? Keep reading to get all the details on Benito’s love life and girlfriends over the years…

Ex-Fiancé: Carliz De La Cruz

Who is She? An attorney
Dated In: 2011 – April 2017

Before finding fame, Bad Bunny dated Carliz De La Cruz. They started dating in 2011 when they were both studying at the University of Puerto Rico and after working at a grocery store together. 

The pair took things one step further by getting engaged in 2016. However, they broke up just a year later as their lives took different paths. De La Cruz went to law school, and Bunny got signed to Prima Music.

De La Cruz later filed a lawsuit against the artist for using her voice without her permission in his music.  The rapper allegedly included audio of her saying “Bad Bunny, baby” in his songs, Pa Ti and Dos Mil 16.

Although Bunny offered to purchase the recording from her for $2,000, De La Cruz declined, and he still continued using the recording. His ex-girlfriend is now suing him and his manager for $40 million.

All is fair in love and war, right? 

Carliz De La Cruz
carlizcha | Instagram

Ex: Gabriela Berlingeri

Who is She? Jewelry designer
Dated In: 2017 – 2022

Bad Bunny was immediately smitten when he first met Gabriela Berlingeri in Puerto Rico back in 2017. The Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana singer laid eyes on Berlingeri while dining at a restaurant with his family, and they hit it off straight away. 

Bunny and Gabriela kept their relationship a secret for three years, until they made their first public appearance together at a Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks game in early 2020. 

That same year, the rapper made their relationship Instagram official. He also shared a video of the two of them kissing, confirming their romance, and sending fans into a frenzy. Bunny even told Entertainment Tonight that he was “in love.”

He later disclosed that Berlingeri was “very special in his [my] life” and “the best companion he [I] could have.”

After appearing to be the perfect couple, Bad Bunny was seen kissing another girl at a club in August 2022, leading to a rift with Berlingeri. Fans were divided on whether the couple had split up or were in an open relationship. 

In January 2023, however, Bunny was spotted with another woman, leading many to realize it was officially over between him and Berlingeri. 

bad bunny Gabriela Berlingeri
badbunnypr | Instagram

Rumored Ex: Cazzu

Who is She? Rapper
Dated In: 2019

A rumored girlfriend in Bad Bunny’s dating history is none other than fellow rapper, Cazzu.

In 2019, a video of Benito and Cazzu kissing on stage circulated on social media, making fans convinced they were an item. 

Bunny was obviously dating Gabriela Berlingeri at the time, and while some fans were quick to speculate that he was hooking up with Cazzu, she later clarified in an interview that they were just “good friends”, after “sharing some moments together.”

bad bunny cazzu

Rumored Ex: Rosalia

Who is She? Singer
Dated In: 2019 & 2021

When Bad Bunny shared a photo of himself alongside Spanish-born singer Rosalía in 2019, with the caption, “I think I fell in love”, fans immediately speculated a potential fling. 

The pair also collaborated on La Noche De Anoche, with an accompanying music video of the two getting cozy together.

Naturally, fans were in a frenzy over a possible coupling. However, both Bunny and Rosalía remained tight-lipped about the nature of their relationship, choosing to keep their personal lives private. 

bad bunny rosalia
badbunnypr | Instagram

Ex: Kendall Jenner

Who is She? Reality TV star & model
Dated In: Feb – Dec 2023

Here’s where Bad Bunny’s relationship history gets real juicy!

In early 2023, gossip account DeuxMoi got the tip that Bad Bunny was dating Kendall Jenner.

Bunny met the Kardashian-Jenner model through mutual friends after moving to Los Angeles in January 2023. The couple then made a string of public appearances, from showing PDA at restaurants and concerts, to getting cozy together at basketball matches.

Benito was spotted wearing Kendall’s K charm necklace, while she supported the singer at Coachella and Saturday Night Live. They then starred together in a Gucci advertisement, seemingly confirming their romance.

But by the end of the year, news broke that Bunny and Kendall had split.

Benito and Kendall Jenner’s budding romance captured the hearts of many. And although the pair never actually confirmed their relationship, they certainly were one of the most talked-about power couples in showbiz.

bad bunny kendall jenner
gucci / Anthony Seklaoui | Instagram

Just when we thought we knew love, and right when this duo were giving us the cutest eye candy on the net, their romance came crashing down.

So, there you have it! Bad Bunny’s dating history in full! Let us know which one of Benito’s girlfriends best suited him in the comment section below!