Aliza Sehar MMS: Pakistani TikTok Star Breaks Down On Camera


Aliza Sehar is a popular social media influencer, well-known for her engaging content on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. With a significant following of 463.7K on TikTok, she has amassed 7.1 million likes, reflecting her widespread appeal and the engaging nature of her posts. Aliza runs two YouTube channels: “Aliza Sehar Vlogs,” where she shares insights into her daily life and personal experiences, and “Aliza Sehar Tardke Wala,” which features more specialized content.

Recently, Aliza Sehar has been the subject of controversy due to a viral MMS video that purportedly involves her. This video has sparked a wave of discussions and debates across social media platforms. While the content of the video and its authenticity have been points of contention, the incident has brought a lot of attention to Aliza, affecting her public image and raising questions about privacy and the impact of digital scandals on social media influencers.

Despite this controversy, Aliza continues to maintain her presence on social media, interacting with her audience and creating content. Her ability to navigate through such a challenging situation will likely influence her career trajectory and the nature of her relationship with her followers moving forward.

Recently, Aliza Sehar, a popular Pakistani TikToker and YouTuber known for her village vlogs and relatable content, found herself at the center of controversy when a private video allegedly featuring her was leaked online. This video, which purportedly showed her in a compromising situation during a video call, quickly went viral on various social media platforms including WhatsApp, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook.

Aliza Sehar responded by denying the authenticity of the video, claiming it was a morphed clip designed to defame her. She filed a complaint with Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing, which confirmed that the video was fake and traced the hacker responsible for leaking it. The hacker, reportedly located in Qatar, was arrested, and his devices were confiscated. He had previously demanded money from Sehar to delete the video and threatened to release more of her personal information.

Despite the controversy and the negative attention, Sehar’s handling of the situation has been praised. She has remained composed and focused on her work, continuing to engage with her followers through her content. Her case highlights ongoing issues regarding the security and privacy of social media influencers, as well as the need for responsible consumption and sharing of digital content.

As a result of the leaked MMS of many prominent people on the internet, from Punjabi’s Sehaj Arora and his wife Gurpreet Kaur, also known as the Kulhad Pizza Couple to YouTubers Karmita Kaur and Preet Randhawa to Bangladeshi influence Jannat Toha, many prominent individuals have faced major backlash. Following suit, a private video call of Pakistani TikTok star Aliza Sehar recently leaked on social media.

Aliza Sehar’s viral video has made headlines for all the wrong reasons, and once again, the safety and security of social media influencers are put into question as a result of an incident involving a Tiktoker. In the wake of a private video call that was leaked on social media, a Pakistani Tiktok star named Aliza Sehar fell into a controversy. As soon as her video made it online, it caught the attention of many people and soon went viral, drawing unwanted reactions from her fans and others as well. Following the leak of the MMS on TikTok, the TikTok star decided to take action. He filed a report with the Federal Investigation Agency’s Cybercrime Unit and immediately rushed into action after a few days of the leak. This is unfortunately not the first time that a social media star has been caught up in an incident of this kind, because in the recent past, many famous names have come into the limelight over their private videos getting leaked and exposed without their consent, which is unfortunate. In the past few days, many prominent personalities, including Punjabi actor Sehaj Arora and his wife Gurpreet Kaur, also known as Kulhad Pizza Couple, YouTubers Karmita Kaur and Preet Randhawa, as well as Bangladeshi influencer Jannat Toha, have faced a backlash over the leaked MMS they shared on social media.

There is a viral video where aunty goes ‘wild’ on her neighbor over a ‘water issue‘, making it a very common occurrence among netizens

Sehar, unlike other victims, had a clear accused in mind and reportedly named a man from, residing in Qatar, behind the case. On being investigated, the said man reportedly agreed to edit the video but refused his involvement in sharing the clip on social media.

Aliza Sehar – Who Is She?

As one of the most prominent names in Pakistan, Aliza Sehar is known for her wholesome content that is very relatable to many of her followers. She mostly TikTok videos of her daily chores. The social media star shared a wide range of content that revolved around her life at home, from cooking in an outdoors clay oven to helping out on the farm.

Having expressed her gratitude for the cooperation of the investigation agency, Sehar reportedly praised the agency’s work in the case, but she also cited the absence of action against the accused individual.


In addition to that, she also shared some videos on her YouTube channel explaining the matter further. Several days ago, there were rumors that Sehar had committed suicide on social media, but those reports were soon debunked by her brother, who claimed that they were fake and that the reports were made up.


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