Actress Disha Patani showed her toned body in a transparent dress, people started sweating after seeing it

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Actress Disha Patani does not lag behind in adding the element of hotness to her look. However, this time she kept such elements to a minimum. Her clothes were such that they were quite stylish in appearance, but not a good choice for the people of Delhi and UP. Why so? Let us tell.

Disha Patani is the hottie of B-town, who does not lag behind in giving tremendous style goals with her fashion. Sometimes this beauty bowls clean and sometimes she gives tom-boy vibes with her coolness. Her look with a similar combination was captured by the paparazzi at the airport. Disha, seen with Akshay Kumar, was looking very stylish, but her clothes were such that people of UP and Delhi cannot dare to wear them at all.

Stylish-Comfy Look

This time too, Disha Patani had chosen such clothes for herself for travel, which were stylish in appearance and comfortable in feel. This time the girl had kept the color tone of her clothes in a darker shade. These looked great on her and made Hasina look cool.

What was Disha wearing?

This time Disha wore cargo pants made of denim fabric. With this she paired a green colored woolen weave top, on which pink and lighter green colored horizontal stripes could be seen. Keeping the accessories minimal, Disha wore her favorite cross pendant and gold chain.

This top has failed in Delhi-UP

If you want to copy Disha’s look, then definitely do it. You will definitely look good in it too. However, if you are a resident of Delhi or UP, then this top is of no use for you.

The woolen top that Disha wore was so thin that it could easily be classified as see-through. This type of top is a complete failure in the current winter season of Delhi-UP. If you wear it, you are sure to freeze due to cold.

This can be done in style

Not a top, but you can definitely wear Disha’s pants comfortably in winter by pairing them with a solid woolen top.

For boys, Akshay Kumar’s look is also perfect to look absolutely cool. However, it must be paired with a jacket. Otherwise, don’t fall ill due to this look in cold weather.


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