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40 Kim Kardashian Facts that are ‘Literally’ so True


It might seem unlikely that there can be anything left to unearth about Kim Kardashian.

After all, she’s had hit reality shows that have documented her life since 2007, and been the center of attention on social media and news outlets for over a decade.

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Even though you can keep up with her on every possible medium from TV to social media, there are still some things that you may not know about the famous mother of four.

So, gather ‘round, Kimmy K lovers (and haters) – here are 40 Kim Kardashian facts that are literally so true, Bible.

1. Kim has Six Piercings

We all know that Kim isn’t afraid to go under the knife. She also has nerves of steel when it comes to piercings!

Did you know that she has piercings on her bellybutton, one in her right ear and four on her left? She hasn’t been spotted with her belly ring lately, though.

2. She Was a Celebrity Stylist Before Fame

Besides her controversial tape, the Kardashians’ rise to fame was largely thanks to Kim’s pal Paris Hilton.

But not many people know that she was actually Paris’ wardrobe helper. Along with Paris, Kim also had other high-profile clients including actress, Lindsay Lohan and singer, Brandy.

kim paris hilton
kimkardashian | Instagram

3. Kim ‘Looked’ For Paparazzi

When Kim first hopped onto the scene, she was photographed everywhere. The new ‘it girl’ was featured in all the magazines and paparazzi would literally feed off getting a photo of her.

She’s been accused of calling the paparazzi on herself, but Kim recently denied this and admitted that she did intentionally head to certain spots where she knew the photographers would be.  

“I would stop off at Robertson’s, I would stop off at the Ivy to pick up something to go, even if it was some bread to go. I think I can talk about it because it’s so funny. I think people need to be more honest about those moments in life when you’re just super desperate and want that”, she said on the Keeping Up with the Kardashian Reunion.

kim pose photo
kimkardashian | Instagram

4. She Regrets her Adult Tape

Indeed, Kim has big regrets when it comes to her controversial adult tape with Ray J. Admitting to Andy Cohen on the KUWTK Reunion, Kim said,

“That is something that I have to live with for the rest of my life. That is something that is being held over my head. I try to not live with any regrets, but it’s probably the one thing I wish didn’t exist. If I could erase any of the stupid things I’ve done in life, that’s probably it and it’s more so from being a mom than anything.”

5. Her Feud with Kourtney Goes Way Back

From physically fighting each other on their shows, to feuding about their Dolce and Gabbana projects, Kim and Kourtney have rarely seen eye to eye over the years.

On season 3 of The Kardashians, their mother, Kris, shared that the pair have in fact been rival sisters ever since they were young. Apparently, Kourtney once had the audacity to storm into Kim’s classroom and demand she have her jeans back (that Kim was wearing). #Sassy

kourtney kardashian kim kardashian
kimkardashian | Instagram

6. Kim Got Drunk at Beyonce’s Party

If you haven’t caught up with season 4 of The Kardashians, you’d have missed Kim confessing this juicy little fact.

The SKIMS founder admitted that she got drunk and “blacked out” at one of Beyonce‘s parties after dancing all night long. With just “two shots,” Kim revealed that she gets easily “wasted.”

Don’t believe her? “Ask Beyonce,” Kim said.

7. She has a Freckle on her Eyeball

There are many Kim Kardashian doppelgangers out there. So many women try to copy her style, fashion, makeup and hairdos.

One thing they can’t mimic however, is the freckle on her right eyeball. Bet you’ve never noticed that before!

kim kardashian eye freckle
kimkardashian | Instagram

8. She Goes to the Beach at Certain Times

As her true fans know, Kim loves going on vacation where she can flaunt her bikini and relax on the beach.

What you may not know is that the curvaceous star only goes to the beach when lighting is the most flattering, to avoid casting unappealing light on her cellulite.

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

9. Kim has Been Married 3 Times

If you thought Kim K’s infamously short marriage to Kris Humphries and her famous marriage to Kanye West is all there was in the ring department, you’re mistaken.

She’s actually been married three times! Kim’s first marriage was to a music producer, Damon Thomas, when she was 19. They divorced three years later, because of emotional and physical abuse.

kim kardashian kanye west married
kimkardashian | Instagram

10. She Almost Didn’t Marry Kris Humphries

Other than her adult tape, we’re pretty sure marrying Kris Humphries is Kim’s second biggest regret in life.

Believe it or not, she almost escaped the 72-day marriage on her wedding day! Kris, her mom, revealed during the KUWTK Reunion, that she tried to talk Kim out of marrying Humphries – “I said, ‘Listen, if you really don’t want to do this, I don’t think you should do it.’”

Kim added, “What you said to me was ‘Go, I’m going to put you in a car. No one will find you. Just leave and I’ll handle it.’ I thought, ‘OK, we’re filming this for a TV show. If I leave, I’m going to be known as the runaway bride forever. It’s going to be a huge joke. I think I just had cold feet.”

11. The “Worst Thing on the Planet” for Kim is…

Not so shocking coming from the contour queen…Kim believes that the “worst thing on the planet” is when women’s foundation is “too light”.

Good job we’ve found dupes of her KKW highlight and contour kits! If more girls wear the right shade on their skin, that’s one less problem off Kim’s shoulder!

kim kardashian pouting
kimkardashian | Instagram

12. Kim Kardashian is a Billionaire

Kim is officially a billionaire. According to Forbes, the star’s net worth soared from $780 million to $1 billion in just six months in 2021, and it’s all thanks to her two businesses: the shapewear brand SKIMS, and her cosmetics company KKW Beauty.

That’s a whole lot of moola. We can’t imagine how much the entire Kardashian klan is worth!

13. She Hates the Food You Love

Here’s some fun trivia about Kim! If you plan on cooking a meal for her, make sure your menu is rid of cilantro, mustard, peppers, blue cheese and red velvet. She absolutely despises them!

Seriously, who hates red velvet?!

14. She’s Elizabeth Taylor’s Biggest Fan

After Elizabeth Taylor’s death, Kim spent $65,000 on jewelry at Taylor’s estate sale and nearly bought her house, as well.

Kris Jenner even has a huge portrait of the icon in her kitchen and Kim herself channeled the late movie icon in a photoshoot.

kim kardashian liz taylor
kimkardashian | Instagram

15. She an Odd Phobia of Cardboard

Other than revealing her fear of getting stretchmarks, Kim has said that she “hates cardboard.” In her “20 Things You Don’t Know About Me” confessional, she said that she “hates the sleeve on a Starbucks cup” and even has to leave the room for someone to take it off for her.

“I hate the sleeve on a Starbucks cup,” she wrote. “I leave the room for someone to take it off for me because I cringe from the sound. It’s like nails on a chalkboard for me. I hate cardboard.”

16. Kim is a Huge Usher Fan

We all know Kim can’t dance like Usher, nor can she sing like Usher. But she’s one heck of an Usher fan. So much so, that her sisters and friends planned a surprise birthday trip to one of his concerts.

In 2023, she was even used to promote his upcoming Super Bowl halftime show performance for 2024.

17. She Loves Bees, Scared of Spiders

Unlike regular folks, this popular celeb isn’t scared of bees and would even hold and play with them when she was younger. Plus, she’s never been stung. If she didn’t make it as a reality star, try picturing her as a beekeeper.

However, Kim has admitted to having arachnophobia, the fear of spiders…

18. Kim Idolizes Jennifer Lopez

Kim’s been very vocal about her love for Usher, Liz Taylor and pop icon Cher, but there’s also another triple-threat that’s on her watch-list.

Her number one idol is none other than, Jennifer Lopez! With over 20 years in showbiz, it’s not hard to see why Kim loves the Puerto-Rican star. And not many can say they’ve taken selfies with their idols…

kim kardashian jlo
jlo | Instagram

19. She has Expensive Taste

Most of us dream of our wedding day, but we don’t expect it to be a $30 million affair – yes, that’s how much Kimye’s wedding cost!

And while plebeians like you and I may be used to traditional name cards to help seat our guests, Kim and Kanye had the name of all 150 attendees engraved into the marble tables.

20. Kim’s Model Inspirations Are…

Kim has strutted her stuff on more than one catwalk in her day and has graced the cover of numerous magazines. When posing in front of the camera, Kim channels her favorite supermodels, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista.

21. Kim Once Released a Song

We all have regrets, but Kim’s comes in the form of her 2011 cringe-worthy single, Jam (Turn It Up).

As bad as the song was, thankfully, the 2011 track wasn’t all a waste. She donated half of song’s profits to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

22. She has a Pricey Beauty Regime

Think twice before you decide to copy the star’s makeup routine – you might want to save up first.

Apparently, Kim’s makeup routine costs a whooping $770 worth of products, and her skincare routine amounts to $4,500! No wonder she always looks flawless!

23. She’s an Award-Winning Actress (Kinda)

One of the lesser known Kim Kardashian facts is that she’s an award-winning actress…

Well, kinda. After starring in the 2013 film Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, Kim won the 2014 Razzie Award for Worst Supporting ActressHey, at least she won something for her acting role, right?

24. Kim Redeemed her Acting Skills in ‘AHS’

She may have been bashed for her 2013 acting gig, but Kim made sure to silence the haters ten years later.

In 2023, Kim landed the role of Siobhan Corbyn on American Horror Story: Delicate, alongside Emma Roberts.

Many critics have praised Kim’s surprisingly good acting skills, and X users have even said she is the one keeping viewers hooked on the show.

25. She has a Funny Way of Sleeping

Want to know a fun fact about Kim Kardashian? According to the Insta-Queen herself, Kim sleeps with her eyes slightly open and it “scares the s**t out of people.”

Imagine walking into a wide-eyed, sleeping Kim…

26. Kim Had Her Own Workout Videos

The Kardashians are notorious for dabbling in as many business ventures that they can get their hands on. One project that hasn’t been famously promoted, however are Kim’s three successful workout DVDs released under her production company called “Kimsaprincess”.

The name? Not cheesy at all.

27. She was Banned from the Met Gala

Despite being ‘Kim Kardashian’, Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, banned the controversial celeb from the Met Gala in 2012, simply because she “didn’t like” her, according to sources.

We guess no amount of fame or money can stop the wrath of Wintour. Nevertheless, Anna let Kim and her (now, ex) husband, Kanye grace the cover of Vogue in 2014. All’s fair in love and war…

kim kardashian anna wintour
kimkardashian | Instagram

28. She’s Afraid of Heights

Want more interesting Kim Kardashian facts? She jumped out of a plane sky diving when she was 20 years-old and is now afraid of heights.

We suppose the highest you’ll see her now is when she’s wearing stilettos in her pent house in NYC…

29. Kim Denies Having Plastic Surgery

Several members from the Kardashian family have been rumored to go under the knife, but it seems Kim K has been under public scrutiny more than her siblings.

She has been accused of having plastic surgery on every part of her body, but facing her accusers, Kim has said that apart from Botox in the past, she hasn’t had any procedures.

These photos of Kim without makeup might prove it!

kim kardashian body
kimkardashian | Instagram

30. She was Robbed in 2016

During her visit to Paris for Fashion Week back in October 2016, Kim was robbed of $10 million worth of jewelry. The reality star was held at gunpoint in her own apartment by five individuals who were dressed as police officers.

The robbers apparently tied Kim’s wrists and legs, gagged her with duct tape and placed her in the bathtub, while they stole her precious items including her $4 million engagement ring.

31. She Now Wears Fake Jewelry

Following the robbery, Kim admits to only wearing fake jewelry when she goes out.

She also refuses to keep any real jewelry in her home. “The things I valued before that happened genuinely are completely different than what I value now. ‘Things’ don’t make me,” she said on the KUWTK Reunion.

32. Kim Lost 16 Pounds for Marilyn’s Dress

In order to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Happy Birthday Mr. President” gown to the 2022 Met Gala, Kim forced herself to lose 16 pounds. In what has been dubbed one of Kim’s most controversial moments, the fashionista said “It was this or nothing”.

She “would wear a sauna suit twice a day, run on the treadmill, completely cut out all sugar and all carbs, and just eat the cleanest veggies and protein.”

kim kardashian marilyn dress
kimkardashian | Instagram

33. Kim Pampered Kanye With Versace After Shows

If you thought Kim was high-maintenance, wait until you read about her ex-hubby!

During their famous relationship, Kim always had a black Versace towel, along with water in a Versace glass ready for Kanye when got off stage after finishing a show.

34. Her Favorite Movies are Romance Films

As a hopeless romantic, it’s no surprise that Kim’s favorite flicks include classic romance movies, Clueless and The Notebook.

We won’t deny it, they’re definitely on our guilty pleasure list, too!

35. Kim Sent Fake Photos of North When she was Born

After North West’s birth, Kim and Kanye sent photos of a different baby to their friends to test and see who would try and sell them to the media.

Sure enough, some of them did, and their sneaky plan worked, as the fakes were leaked to the press within days. What a legit way to learn who your real friends are…

kim k north west
kimkardashian | Instagram

36. She Had a Birthday at the Neverland Ranch

Thanks to her then-boyfriend, TJ Jackson (Michael Jackson’s nephew), Kim got to celebrate her 14th birthday by throwing a massive bash at Michael’s Neverland Ranch.

She revealed in an interview with PEOPLE that it was “the most magical place on earth,” and that she will never forget the memories she made there.

“When you drove up there were baby elephants and chimpanzees in overalls, and there was all the rides. It was everything you can possibly imagine. The memories I have from that place will last for the rest of my life.”

37. She Leaves her Hair Unwashed for Days

You’re not the only one that leaves their hair unwashed for as long as possible!

You’d think Kim would refresh her locks every day, but believe it or not, she just washes her hair every five days to keep it in a healthy condition.

Too much washing can strip away your natural oils, ladies!

kim kardashian big hair
kimkardashian | Instagram

38. She Wanted to Match Her Stroller to her Baby’s Skin Tone

Before Northie was born, Kim bought multiple prams, as she wanted the right one to match her firstborn’s skin tone.

In a 2013 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the star told Scott Disick, “I want to see what skin tone my child is…It’ll be a variation of a skin tone, so I’m just trying to see what color will look good.”

39. She’ll Still Take Sexy Photos Despite Being a Lawyer

There’s no stopping this Kardashian from a risque photoshoot! Even if she is a professional lawyer, you will still see her strutting her stuff on the ‘Gram. When asked if she’d stop posting these photos once she becomes a lawyer, Kim answered,

“I thought about this and then I thought, ‘You can do it all. You can do whatever you want. There’s something freeing about being like, ‘F**k it, I’m 40. I’m in the best shape of my life.’”

She continued, “And [I can] post a [pic of myself in a] bikini studying if I want to. There’s something empowering about that, but then I also don’t want to embarrass my kids or make them feel a way about it when they’re in high school and I’m the embarrassing mom posing for selfies in bikinis. There will be limits.”

40. Kim Rents Private Islands

Ah, these celebs and their privileges. To stay away from the paparazzi in 2017, the extravagant Kardashian surprised Kanye with his own private island in the Bahamas for his birthday.

For her 40th, Kim also rented an island for her friends and family, which involved whale watching, kayaking, and watching movies on the beach.

Her fans weren’t happy with the expensive birthday bash, though, as it took place during the 2020 pandemic. We’re pretty sure Kim’s party guests were tested for COVID-19 before arrival, though.

kim kardashian nature

It sure ain’t easy keeping up with Kim. Love her or hate her though, you just can’t get enough of the brunette beauty.

Which of these interesting facts about Kim caught you by surprise? Let us know your thoughts by joining in on the conversation below! 

There are sections of this article that were written by Joanna Zambas. 
This article was originally published in August 2017.