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40+ Best Kim Kardashian Hairstyles Over the Years


Kim Kardashian has had a wide-range of hairstyles and cuts across the years, going from dark roots to ash blonde locks in less than 24-hours; or short hair to a long wavy mane overnight. But a key staple in her hair styling is that sleek-back ponytail. 

Regardless of what hairstyle she is rocking, the beauty icon always looks fabulous and sets trends for everyone else to follow.

So, which Kim Kardashian hairstyle was the best? Let’s take a walk down memory lane with these 41 signature styles. 

1. Straight and Sleek

We all know Kim for her luscious locks. She went on to own this look in particular several years down the line. A simple, yet long, dark hairstyle that has inspired many women around the world and set the trend.

2. Bangs and Buns

It’s not everyday we see Kimmy with bangs, right? But in 2013, she opted for something different by complimenting her dark-winged eyeliner and thick lashes with a stunning fringe and tight bun.

3. Signature Waves

Not a day went by in showbiz without seeing Kim Kardashian’s signature waves back in the early 2010s. The KUWTK star was constantly pictured with these deliciously thick waves that gave Disney’s Jasmine a run for her money.

4. Wavy Glam

Kim’s earlier looks almost always involved a wavy hairstyle. But this one in particular got the people talking thanks to the 50s-inspired curls combed over to one side. Retro, riveting and really pretty.

5. Blonde at Balmain

One of Kim’s most talked about hairstyles, the typically brunette fashionista dared and dived into a bleached blonde bob in 2015. This drastic slicked back platinum ‘do certainly turned heads, but Kim wasn’t afraid to own it and show it off to the world.

6. Platinum Blonde

Once again, Kim kept her platinum blonde hair, but this time, decided to whip it over to the side, instead. Although the vibrant yellow didn’t particularly match Kim’s much darker features, she still went on to own this look.

7. Blonde Ice Queen

Kim channeled her inner ice-queen (or shall we say Daenerys Targaryen?) with this silver-slash-white hair color. With glam that was equally pale and pretty, this was a look that certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

8. Tight Bun

With a face full of heavy makeup, it only makes sense that Kim chose to have a basic (but beautiful) hairdo to match. This tight bun that is barely even visible is easy to achieve, just as long as you’ve got the right products to slick it up.

9. Pink in Japan

Pink and perfect? Pretty, too! Kim Kardashian’s pink hairstyle here isn’t one you get to see everyday on the popular star, but we have to admit, it’s a vibe! The darker roots at the top blending seamlessly into a rosy hue is ideal!

10. Blonde Bob

A shockingly neat parting that lets her bleach blonde bob fall gracefully down her cheekbones. This haircut and style accentuated Kim’s features and of course, successfully promoted her iconic KKW Concealer Kits.

11. Fulla Braids

This Kim Kardashian hairstyle usually faces backlash, with fans accusing her of cultural appropriation, but she isn’t afraid to wear this look over and over. In 2018, Kim’s dark locks were braided tightly to perfection at the MTV Awards.

12. Long Blonde Braids

Plaits and braids for days! In efforts to promote one of her makeup ranges, Kim went all out with this super adventurous hairstyle. Dropping all the way past her booty, this hair was absolutely one to wow the world.

13. Magical Green…or Yellow?

Inspired by Donatella Versace? That’s the vibe we’re getting! Kim’s yellowish-green shade here may be a little freaky, but it’s also one that makes you shout ‘FASHUN’. It’s not a color we’re going to miss, we have to admit…

14. Long Straight Locks

Another of Kim’s signature styles are her long straight locks, thickened with extensions and we love it! The sleek long hair really suits her and goes with absolutely anything she wears. There’s no denying this Kardashian hairstyle has influenced others over the years, if only we could afford such quality weaves, though, right?! 

15. Real Tight Pony

With an eye-catching outfit like that, it’s easy to miss the hair. But our eyes were peeled on Kim’s hairstyle, too, in 2018 when she sported this extremely tight ponytail that fell down to her chest.

16. Signature Low Pony

Kim gave her signature low pony a twist with waved sideburns in 2019. The rest of her hair was also waved in a long loose ponytail at the back of her head. Simple, but so effortlessly stylish!

17. Turquoise Mermaid Waves

Inspired by Ariel, Kim put a twist on the Disney princesses’ look with green mermaid waves in 2019. It’s safe to say that the reality mogul can pull off any hair color! 

18. Slicked Back Waves

For one of her KKW makeup launches, Kim was pictured in front of a bed of white roses with her hair slicked back off of her face in waves. It matched the aesthetics of the photo perfectly, placing emphasis on her makeup, rather than anything else. 

19. The Wet Look

For her 2019 Met Gala look, Kim pushed all boundaries when she had a wet look that looked perfectly styled. Her hairstylist Chris Appleton made it look like she’d just stepped out of the water with glossy wavy locks. 

20. Wedding Hair

While many brides go for a statement updo, Kim kept her hair simple during her wedding to Kanye West. Her loose Hollywood waves were pinned behind her ears with a slight back comb to lift her hair to the crown of her head. A simple look that didn’t overpower her stunning Givenchy dress.

21. The Plaited Bun

Kim looks ready for a ball with this super-tight plaited bun. The hairstyle really makes her soft features standout with her hair pulled back off of her face, and we are in awe! Talk about makeup perfection!

22. Chocolate Brown Hair

In 2019, Kim shared a picture of her lighter brown hair tone. The warmth really resonated in the photo and with a honey-brown tint, the beauty’s blow-dried hair was glistening. 

23. Loose Textured Waves

We don’t often see Kim with her hair down, especially with textured waves, but this look is the epitome of hair goals! It’s so hard to achieve the perfect height with this type of style, but she nailed it. 

24. The Short Bob

Inspired by Anna Wintour, the beauty icon looks so classy with a sleek bob haircut. We aren’t used to seeing Kim with short hair, but it sure makes her look extremely sophisticated and sexy!

25. The Textured Bob

During her short hair phase, Kim’s bob was styled with plenty of waves and texture and it looked amazing! Paired with fancy gym wear, Kim’s styled haircut gave her a whole new elegant vibe which really suited her. 

26. Blonde Cornrows

Kim’s hair evolution has been wild, and this look proves it. During a shoot with Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft, Kim was snapped with blonde cornrows that were fastened at the bottom with white beads, falling right down her back. 

27. Blonde Bombshell

Kim is known to occasionally change to a full ash-blonde, but confessed to burning her hair when she attempted coloring it herself during the Coronavirus lockdown. In honor of when it was the perfect shade of blonde, she shared this snap of her wavy blonde locks. 

28. Blonde Beach Waves

During her blonde phase in 2020, Kim shared a photo of her scrunched beach waves that were more casual than her normal hairstyles, but just as appealing. This one’s an easier one to copy if you’re looking for a Kim Kardashian inspired hairdo. Simply wack on some hairspray…or just head to the beach for some humidity!

29. Red Hot Hair

What a hair transformation! Let’s face it, we’ve all gone through that ‘red’ phase where we’ve wanted to be a bit fierier; and while this isn’t our fave Kim K look, she still manages to rock the red locks pretty well!

30. The High Ponytail

This high-pony is giving us major Ariana Grande hair vibes with the two-strands in front of the face. But Kim K still manages to make it her own with a confident pose and a styled-to-perfection outfit.

31. Tight Pigtail Braids

Kim sported these really tight braids during a holiday snap with her ex Kanye and kids in 2020. And while we would probably look like a teenager with this style, she still manages to look so hip and beautiful.

32. Half-Up, Half-Down

Kim let her hair half down for the weekend when she posted this rare look at the start of 2021. With her shorter and lighter locks half-up and half-down, we have to admit that we love it! Although it’s still super tight and sleek, she looked stunning with an effortless hairdo. 

33. Half-Updo with Volume

For her Metallic Hearts perfume launch, Kim was pictured with a 90’s inspired half-up, half-down look with long voluminous hair. Giving us major Spice Girls vibes with a super soft wave at the ends, Kim’s shiny locks looked perfect. 

34. Multiple Braids

Making another fashion statement, Kim sported a brand new hairstyle styled by Sita for one of her KKW Beauty launches. The several twisted plaits coupled with the eye-catching makeup and nose ring really was a lewk people envied.

35. Mermaid Waves

Apparently, Kim uses rice water to achieve that long, healthy hair! These inches upon inches of mermaid waves are to die for, and like all the other looks, Kim rocks them effortlessly. Excuse us as we look for those rice grains…

36. Dark Blonde, Darker Roots

While we aren’t fans of Kim’s dyed eyebrows here, there’s no doubt her hair looks breathtaking! With her natural brunette roots blending seamlessly with her blonde hair, this shadow root method is another trend that Kim pulls off effortlessly. 

37. A Loose Top-Knot

While we’re used to seeing Kim with sleek hair, she sure makes a statement with this romantic top-knot. The loose strands that frame the front of her face make the rest of her outfit more cool and casual. We want more of these fun updos, Kimmy! 

38. Snake-Like High Plait

Another key style that we’ve seen Kim K rock over the last year is an ultra-long plait that is secured into a high ponytail. Kim sported this look for her Fendi x Skims campaign which tied in perfectly with her casual wear branding. 

39. Simple Braids

Kim’s no makeup look and casual hairstyle here is divine! While most of us look like a five-year-old child with two French plaits, she manages to look effortlessly cool. Her fresh-out-of-bed look can be achieved by anyone with a simple blow-dry followed by a French plait on either side. 

40. The Vogue Top-Knot

If it’s on the cover of Vogue, then it’s iconic, right? In 2022, Kim graced the cover of Vogue with a never-seen-before updo that wowed the nation. The masterpiece was a chic plaited top-knot that was sleek and pulled back – not leaving a single stray piece of hair behind. 

41. Blonde and Back At It

To celebrate her sister Kourtney’s wedding in Italy, Kim got fancy by dying her hair blonde. She continued owning this look weeks after, and took this fabulous selfie showing her locks roughly pinned up with natural strands rounding her cheekbones.

From long sleek hair to fancy updos, Kim Kardashian manages to look chic with any style that she goes for, and there’s not many people that can pull just any hairstyle off like her. And while she has had many fashion faux pas over the years, the same can’t be said with her hairdos! 

Which of these Kim Kardashian hair looks are your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below… 

There are sections of this article that were written by Angela Stephanou.