20 Fun Facts About the Singer


Insanely catchy songs? Check. Immaculate bangs? Check. Disney credentials? Check.

If you haven’t already guessed, we’re talking about Espresso songstress and former Girl Meets World star Sabrina Carpenter.

With an impressive 34 million followers on Instagram, a string of sensational studio albums, and multiple acting awards under her belt, Sabrina has taken the entertainment world (and social media) by storm. 

But how much do you really know about this caffeine-loving star? 

Who is she dating? Who is her famous aunt? And what caused her to ruffle a few feathers back in 2023?

Let’s dive into some lesser known facts about everybody’s favorite Gen-Z IT girl: Sabrina Carpenter!

Interesting Facts About Sabrina Carpenter

1. She Pretends to be “Mrs. Doubtfire”

Although Sabrina’s real name is actually ‘Sabrina Annalynn Carpenter,’ she’s been known to make hotel bookings under the alias “Mrs. Doubtfire.” Spilling the tea to Vanity Fair, she said, “I love to troll, and I love getting off a plane and seeing like a guy hold a sign that says Mrs. Doubtfire. They were always very disappointed when it was me, but then after a while, some people started to catch on.”

We love your humor, Sab!

2. Sabrina Grew Up in Pennsylvania

Sabrina wasn’t always part of the California crowd. In fact, she often speaks fondly about her wholesome upbringing “in the middle of the woods.” Before moving to LA at the age of 13, the star spent most of her younger years in East Greenville, Pennsylvania where she was homeschooled by her parents, David and Elizabeth Carpenter. 

young sabrina carpenter singing
sabrinacarpenter | Instagram

3. She Started Singing on YouTube

Here’s a fun fact about Sabrina only her day-one fans know about. If you scroll back through her YouTube videos and then scroll back some more, you’ll find a 10-year-old Sabrina belting her heart out to Adele songs in a studio built by her doting dad. Not only was she totally adorable, but she was also a vocal powerhouse and clearly had natural talent from a very early age!

4. Miley Cyrus Helped Her Get into Acting

Yup, you read that right! Despite being known for playing rebellious teen Maya Hart in Disney’s Girl Meets World, Sabrina’s acting journey actually began much earlier — and it’s all thanks to Miley Cyrus. At just 11 years old, she landed a role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, playing a child victim named Paula Moretti. Sabrina managed to secure the part after coming third in Miley Cyrus’ singing competition, The Next Miley Cyrus Project.

5. Sabrina Was Bullied for Singing

It may be hard to believe, but Sabrina wasn’t always praised for her incredible vocal talent. Speaking to Interview Magazine about her childhood experiences, she explained, “Ironically, I was bullied for singing. I had really big dreams as a child, and it worked out for me.” Clearly she was too busy chasing those dreams to care about the haters — you go girl!

sabrina carpenter wearing a green dress
sabrinacarpenter | Instagram

6. She Has Some Surprising Allergies

Although fans on social media have joked about how the popular star is allergic to making bad music, Sabrina does have some very real allergies. And they might take you by surprise! Nickel, raw apples and almonds are on Sabrina’s no-go list. Oh, and she’s also slightly allergic to dogs, but this hasn’t stopped her from being a dedicated dog mama!

sabrina carpenter and her dog at christmas
sabrinacarpenter | Instagram

7. She *Might* Be Feuding with Olivia Rodrigo

In 2021, Sabrina sent social media into overdrive with the strategically timed release of Skin. Right after Olivia Rodrigo’s song Drivers License dominated the charts and sparked rumors of a love triangle with Joshua Bassett, Sabrina’s track dropped.

Naturally, fans fixated on Rodrigo’s cryptic lyrics about a blonde. And Sabrina’s apparent reference to Rodrigo’s title, with the lyric, “Don’t drive yourself insane,” made fans seek clues about the highly speculated conflict. Was she throwing shade at her fellow former Disney star, or was it a coincidence? Hmm… 

8. She’s Dating A ‘Saltburn’ Star

Leaving the drama of 2021 firmly behind her, Sabrina now has a new love interest, in the form of Irish Saltburn star Barry Keoghan. Meeting at Paris Fashion Week in 2023, the pair quickly sparked romance rumors with their ‘friendship bracelets’ and joint public appearances. Fast forward to 2024, and the pair are now officially an item! Aww.

9. TikTok Is Obsessed with Her Hair

We need to talk about Sabrina’s bangs. Turns out, she’s not just a pop star — she’s a TikTok trendsetter! Sab’s hair has inspired a thousand bathroom makeovers, sparking a wave of salon requests and daring DIY attempts (kitchen scissors included!). Clearly, her look is as catchy as her songs.

10. Sabrina’s Aunt is Basically Bart Simpson

…and eight other Simpsons characters! Sabrina’s famous aunt is actress and comedian Nancy Cartwright, best known for voicing everyone’s favorite troublemaker, Bart Simpson. Upon hearing of Sabrina’s famous relative, a number of shocked users took to X (formerly Twitter), to express their disbelief. One user exclaimed, “SABRINA CARPENTER’S AUNT VOICES BART SIMPSON WHAT!” Talk about a talented family!

11. Her Broadway Dreams Were Cut Short

Sabrina’s dreams of a Broadway debut were tragically cut short in 2020. After years of hard work, she finally landed the iconic role of Cady Heron in Mean Girls. Sadly, after just two mesmerizing performances, the pandemic forced Broadway to close. It was a heartbreaking blow for Sabrina, who had the spotlight snatched away just as she was starting to shine.

12. Her Music Video Sparked a Holy War

Sabrina’s used to sending fans into a frenzy, but her 2023 Feather video riled up a whole different crowd! Brooklyn Bishop Robert Brennan was not amused by the pop star’s choice to film her music video inside the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church. Branding it “appalling,” Brennan was so mad that he demoted the priest who agreed to filming! Oops!

13. ‘Espresso’ Has a Hidden Meaning 

Is Sabrina a hardcore caffeine fiend or is there a deeper meaning behind her chart topper? Well, according to her, Espresso isn’t just a song about coffee beans. “The song is kind of about seeing femininity as your super power, and embracing the confidence of being that b*tch,” she told Vogue. #GirlPower

sabrina carpenter for espresso single cover
sabrinacarpenter | Instagram

14. She Personalizes Lyrics for Each Tour

Forget samey set lists! Sabrina makes each night of her tour a totally unique experience. The pop star is known for switching up the lyrics to her hit song Nonsense with shout-outs, inside jokes and hilarious references to the city she’s performing in. During a performance in Atlanta, a fan filmed her singing, “I’m sorry that this outro is chaotic / Atlanta it’s official you’re the hottest.” Iconic.

15. She’s an Ice Bath Advocate 

How does the singer stay so cool, calm and collected on tour? It might be something to do with the fact that she literally bathes in ice-cold water. “Not to sound like that guy, but I’ve started to do ice baths,” she told Vanity Fair. Sabrina’s joining a crew of celebs who swear by this chilly ritual, including stars like Lady Gaga and Lizzo. Maybe there’s something to this icy trend after all!

sabrina carpenter white dress walking in the street
sabrinacarpenter | Instagram

16. She’s a Huge Rihanna Fan

If we didn’t love her enough already, Sabrina has openly admitted that she’s a Rihanna superfan! The singer has gushed about RiRi in interviews, calling her an icon and a major inspiration. In an interview with Billboard, Sab said,

“These past couple years of my life it’s been Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna. It’s very effortless for her. That’s exactly what artistry should be. It should just be you. It should just exude everything that you are and I feel like she’s a very good example of that.”

Honestly, who can blame her? Sabrina has great taste, and maybe one day we’ll see a collab between these two queens…RiRi: if you’re reading this — make it happen! 

17. She Wasn’t Always As Close to Bestie Joey King

With their iconic social media videos and constant support for each other, it’s hard to believe Sabrina and Joey King haven’t always been BFFs. Despite being pals for many years, the pair weren’t always close. “For the first several years of our friendship, we would hang out once every like, year. And it was the funnest thing in the world. We don’t know why it took us so long to become as close as we are now,” King told Wired

sabrina carpenter at joey king's wedding
sabrinacarpenter | Instagram

18. Sabrina is Big Into Charity Work

One of the best facts about Sabrina Carpenter is that she has a heart for giving back. As a former ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, she’s dedicated a lot of time visiting hospitals, bringing joy and laughter to young patients. And get this: Sabrina generously shares a portion of her record profits with charities that make a real impact. Her commitment to making a difference is seriously inspiring!

19. She’s Tight with Taylor Swift

Although Taylor Swift has a lot of enemies, there’s certainly no “bad blood” between her and Sabrina Carpenter. These two have forged a strong friendship over the years. As a self-professed Swiftie, Sabrina even opened for Taylor’s Eras Tour. They’re often spotted hanging out together, from cozy zoo trips to star-studded events like the VMAs. Their bond seems pretty unbreakable! 

taylor swift and sabrina carpenter take photo together
taylorswift | Instagram

20. She’s Known as the Real-Life ‘Bratz’ Doll

Sabrina is always slaying the red carpet, and we are LIVING for her looks! Whether she’s rocking a designer gown or an edgy off-duty fit, this girl’s got style for days. Plus, did you see her recent SKIMS collab? She totally crushed it in the lingerie campaign, proving she can rock anything from comfy confidence to Hollywood glam. 

In fact, she’s so fashionable, that fans have dubbed her the real-life Bratz doll thanks to her big eyes, extravagant hair and chunky glitter boots. Even her makeup stylist agrees, “Her makeup is very doll-like with a twist of late ’90s and early 2000s inspiration.”

BRB, raiding our closets for a Sabrina-inspired fit!

Okay, seriously, how is Sabrina only 25 and already this accomplished?! We’re feeling a mix of amazed and slightly intimidated. But mostly, we’re just obsessed! What’s your favorite thing about this talented queen? Tell us in the comments!


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