12 Best Chinese YouTubers With The Highest Subscribers


Even though YouTube was banned in China in 2008, this couldn’t stop content creators from joining this platform. Today, there are hundreds of Chinese YouTubers who share videos about fitness, beauty, gaming, fashion, etc. 

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most popular Asian YouTubers from China to check and follow. Knowing their journey to fame can be a great inspiration for new YouTubers and content creators. Stay with us to get to know them. 

Top 12 Chinese YouTubers In 2024

If you are looking for some of the most famous YouTubers from China, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are looking for funny Chinese YouTubers, gamers, or lifestyle video creators, this list is your answer. 

1. Stokes Twins – 25M Subscribers

Without any doubt, Alan Chen Stokes and Alex Chen Stokes, known as the Stokes Twins, are the most famous Chinese YouTubers with more than 25M Subscribers. Alan and Alex were born in China in 1996 and moved to the USA when they were children. They are also famous male TikTokers with over 30M followers. 

These Chinese American YouTubers created their YouTube channel in 2008 and uploaded their first public video, a question-and-answer video, in 2017. Now, most of their content is prank videos and vlogs. 

2. VanossGaming – 25M Subscribers

If you are a fan of video games, Vanoss is a Canadian-Chinese YouTuber you need to check out. Evan Fong is a Canadian YouTuber, music producer, and DJ born in 1992. As one of the most successful Minecraft YouTubers, he has more than 25M followers. 

Evan started his YouTube channel in 2011. And only after 4 years, he reached 4M subscribers. His content on his channel has earned him multiple award nominations, such as the Shorty Awards for Tech and Innovation in the gaming category. 

3. 李子柒 Li ziqi – 18.7M Subscribers

Let’s continue the list of Chinese YouTubers with one of my absolute favorites. Li Ziqi is a Chinese video blogger, entrepreneur, and Internet celebrity born in 1990. As a lifestyle influencer, she shares her life as a young girl living in one of the most beautiful villages in China.

Li’s videos are calming and mostly about cooking. Her first video on YouTube was released in 2017 with the title ‘Making a dress out of grape skins’. Most of Li’s videos are alone, but in some of them, we can also see her grandmother.

However, you may be wondering why Li Ziqi is not posting anymore? Due to a legal dispute with her business partners, Li Ziqi has not been posting since her last video in July 2021. It seems that her YouTube channel won’t be hosting new content until the legal issues are over. But you can still enjoy her old vlogs.

4. Wengie – 13.5M Subscribers

If you check the list of top Australian YouTubers, Wengie is one of the stars you will see at the top. Wendy Jie Huang, known online as Wengie, is one of the female Chinese YouTubers, singers, and vloggers born in 1986. She started her career on YouTube in 2013 by creating her first channel, ‘Wengie’. 

In 2014, she decided to create a second channel as well, WengieVlogs, to share daily life and travel vlogs. On her main channel, she regularly shares videos around beauty, fashion, and DIY topics. 

5. 办公室小野 Ms Yeah – 13.4M Subscribers

Many of us know China for its weird but delicious foods. One of the Asian YouTubers who can help you learn the tricks of famous Chinese chefs is Ms. Yeah. Zhou Xiaohui, known as Ms Yeah, is one of the YouTubers of Chinese origin. 

Most of the meals she prepares on her YouTube channel are common Chinese dishes that are easy to follow and cook. What makes her channel different from other food bloggers is that she doesn’t talk in her long videos or voiceovers. 

6. Steven He – 11.2MSubscribers

If you are a fan of funny videos, Steven is the Funny YouTuber you need to check. Steven He O’Byrne, professionally known as Steven Ho, is a Chinese-born Irish actor, comedian, and Pianist who is mostly known for his comedy videos. 

He started his presence on social media with TikTok and he created his YouTube channel in 2008. You have probably heard the ’emotional damage’ catchphrase, and that belongs to Steven, making him one of the funny Chinese YouTubers. Other than YouTube, he has around 3M followers on Instagram and is one of the highest-paid Instagram influencers. 

7. Dianxi Xiaoge – 10.6M Subscribers

If you are a fan of food vloggers who show every step of preparing a meal, Dianxi Xiaoge is one of the famous Chinese YouTubers you need to follow. Dong Meihua, known as Dianxi Xiaoge is a Chinese food vlogger and YouTuber, born in 1990 in Yunnan. Her content is similar to Liziqi and shows her life living on a family farm on a small western mountain.

In 2017, she signed an agreement with Papi Jiang to be represented by the multi-channel network. After only one year, she gained one million subscribers and became a full-time content creator. As one of the biggest Chinese YouTubers, she is active on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. 

8. I’m Siowei – 5.4M Subscribers

One of the female Chinese YouTubers who is mostly famous for her funny videos on TikTok and YouTube is Siowei. She mostly uses a green screen in her videos to play the roles of multiple characters and is also one of the hottest YouTubers. Siowei created her channel in 2020, and her first video showed her skincare routine. 

9. Tingting ASMR – 2.42M Subscribers

If you are a fan of ASMR videos and find them relaxing, Tingting is one of the most popular Chinese YouTubers in this field. Her most popular videos are the ‘Fall Asleep’ series, which helps people with sleeping problems fall asleep. The majority of her videos revolve around her doing her makeup and hairstyle.

This mysterious Chinese YouTuber doesn’t share any personal information, so we don’t know her real name. TingTing has recently joined Instagram as well and sometimes hosts live videos.

10. Savislook – 240k Subscribers

Our list of famous Chinese YouTubers would not be complete without looking at the top fashion influencers. Savi Sala is a Chinese fashion blogger, content creator, and YouTuber born in 1992. On her YouTube channel, she shares long videos of her makeup, skincare routine, fashion styles, lifestyle videos, workouts, etc.

11. Cotton Chan – 271K Subscribers

One of the best Chinese funny YouTube Vloggers in 2024 is Cotton Chan. His videos are funny and intertaining. He always comes up with the pranks that you can’t see on any other YouTube channels.

You would be suprised to know that he is just a teenager and a fresh man in middle school. Cotton is going to one of the best Gen Z influencers in the world. However, he only creates vlogs in Chinese. So, if you want to enjoy his content, you need to know a little Chinese.

12. Learn Chinese Now – 181K Subscribers

If you are looking for the best Chinese YouTube channel to learn about China, “Learn Chinese Now” is what you need. There are many educational influencers on YouTube that try to teach the history and customes of different countries to their subscribers. But, not many of them are as good as this YouTube channel when it comes to learning about China.

They create vlogs about China’s traditions, foods, language, travel destinations, culture, philosophy, etc., and their content are fun to watch. All the vloggers of Lean Chinese Now have educational degrees related to the ancient country of China. Therefore, their vlogs and the information they share are totally reliable.

How To Collaborate With Chinese YouTubers?

As we saw, these and many other creators have established their audience over time by creating content consistently. Their audience is people interested in their niche who follow them to view the latest trends and news in their field. As a new YouTuber or a business owner in the same niche, you can collaborate with these creators to tap into their audience. 

So, one effective way to reach your target audience and grow brand awareness is by working with social media influencers and YouTubers. But how to find the creators in your niche that match your budget and contact them? Well, Ainfluencer is your answer. 

Ainfluencer -The Best Way To Work With YouTubers. 

Ainfluencer is a free, end-to-end influencer marketing platform that connects brands with social media influencers for collaborations and campaigns. As we saw, most Chinese YouTubers are also active on Instagram and TikTok, where they work with brands and other creators, 

This marketplace uses an AI-powered search engine that allows you to find your best collaboration match based on more than 20 criteria, such as location, gender, niche, budget, audience demographics, etc. Then it suggests to you different creators that you can click on and view their profile and media kit.

If you find your match, use the in-app chat feature to talk with them. So, if you are ready to find the biggest Chinese YouTubers and work with them, sign up on Ainfluencer for free now!


Chinese YouTubers are still shining despite the platform being banned in China over 15 years ago. In this article, we’ve introduced you to some of the best YouTubers across different industries to check out and subscribe to. Also, if you want to collaborate with this and many more social media influencers, you can sign up on Ainfluencer for free now


1. Who Is The Biggest YouTuber In China?

Here are some of the most popular Chinese YouTubers in 2024:
Stokes Twins: 25M subscribers
Vanoss Gaming: 25M subscribers
Liziqi: 17M subscribers
Wengie: 13.5M subscribers
Ms.Yeah: 13.4M subscribers
Steven He: 11M subscribers

2. Is YouTube Allowed In China?

In 2008, YouTube was banned in China, and instead, they introduced another app for themselves. However, many people in China still use YouTube with the help of VPN services. 

3. What is the Chinese YouTube name?

优酷 (pronounced as Yōukù) is the Chinese version of YouTube, and people use it instead of this banned platform in China. 



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