10 of the Coolest 3D Floors Created with Epoxy


There are a whole bunch of options to choose from when it comes to flooring for your home – from wood and tile to laminate and even rubber, the list goes on and on. However, there is another option. 3D epoxy floors beat all the others hands down when it comes to the mind-blowingly realistic effects they create.

These floors incorporate a combination of multiple translucent layers along with angled images to achieve the incredible 3D effect. Look at the photos below.

10. The Tropical Sea Bed

Plants, coral, fish animals, and even water looks like they have come alive, emerging from the floor as you walk into the room!

Fish Ocean Floor

9. Walk on the Beach

Don’t live close to a beach? No problem. You can recreate the same effect in any room of your choice and enjoy the combination of sand and water anytime you wish.

Coolest 3D Floors

8. The City Below my Feet

If you have a recurring nightmare that sort of resembles this floor below, maybe this is what it feels like. It is definitely not for the faint hearted. This 3D epoxy floor makes you feel like you are literally standing above the city!

Coolest 3D Floors Created with Epoxy

7. Aquatic Themes Rule!

The good news is that you can have a pleasant 3D floor as well. Don’t worry! If you do want to feel like you are living among the dolphins, well…that is possible as well now.

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6. Fish, Fish and more Fish

These angelic sea creatures have been captured so beautifully in 3D epoxy that they really look like the real thing!

5. Red Roses for 365/24/7 Valentine’s Day

If you had enough of the aquatic themes, though a majority of these cool 3D floors belong to this category, here is some variety. You can sit on a bed of roses, seriously! If you choose red roses, it will turn out to be a 365/24/7 Valentine’s Day celebration.

Coolest 3D Floors

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4. The Bridge Across Forever

Adventure lovers will get a good dose of adrenaline every time they see this floor. Do you get the idea? If traversing a yawning chasm along a narrow brick bridge is your definition of fun, then this 3D floor should be the choice.

Coolest 3D Floors

3. A Penny for your Thoughts

Take a look at this floor that is covered in coins, not literally! Try stopping people from kneeling down on it, trying to pick up one.

Coolest 3D Floors

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2. Incredible Ocean Waves

Need a break, but just cannot find the time to unwind? Well, this 3D epoxy image is exactly what you need in your room. It gets the closest to reality, doesn’t it?

3D epoxy floors

1. Camping by The Pebbles

3D epoxy designs can bring about a dramatic change in any room besides adding beautiful images that improve the mood.

Coolest 3D Floors

Having admired the artwork that goes into creating these cool 3D epoxy floors, here is a little about what goes into it – a primer, a self-leveling screed, a transparent polymer, and a protective lacquer. Your chosen image too of course! The screed is a polymer-modified cement that does not require a lot of water. Two coats of polymer – a thickener and a hardener followed by protective lacquer on top also make them completely resistant to wear and tear caused by furniture.

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Apart from floors, the same effect can be reproduced on walls, tables and ceilings. The best part is they retain their depth perception. Think of hearts, stars, moons, clovers, and even lucky charms in your house! With these 3D epoxy floors, the world is your oyster. Actually, you could probably do that – get a 3D image of an oyster on your floor.


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