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Study Communications at Felician College

With two New Jersey campuses, three unique and specialized concentrations, and several student activities to impart knowledge and expertise, Felician College and the Communications Department bring a fresh view of what a major in communications can offer. Founded in 1942, Felician College is one of the few Franciscan colleges in the country and strives to embody Franciscan values in all they do. With a student population of approximately 2,300 students, international students studying at Felician College can expect an individualized experience with focus and support. Providing a liberal arts education, students have the opportunity to study outside of their major and concentration to develop further critical thinking skills and to enhance experience and knowledge.


Three concentrations—”pathways to engage the world”—are available for the students. The first is journalism/media. In this concentration, international students will have the opportunity to explore roles the media plays in the world as well as the development, production and distribution of print, broadcast and internet journalism.

Digital Video

The second concentration is digital video. This concentration is unique as it is not offered in all communications departments. With a digital video concentration, students can understand the technology of visual storytelling and will learn how to write, produce, tape and edit their own videos. These videos can be fiction or non-fiction. With classes such as screenwriting, video-making and directing, students in the digital video concentration will employ hands-on experience.

Theatre Arts

Under production is a theatre arts concentration which will focus on playwriting, directing, theater management, acting and more. Students will also have the option of registering for a joint minor in Theater Studies offered by the communications and language departments. These students will engage not only in theater courses, but also in the history and art of theater by combining hands-on experience with in-depth studies.

Joy, peace, respect, service, diversity, reverence, and compassion all express the Franciscan values of Felician College. When deciding where to study communications, students searching for a college with Franciscan values and unique concentration options should consider Felician College. Its small size enables students to receive undivided attention and the resources available allow students to dream, create, and share.

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