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Need Money? Here’s Tips for Finding a Student Job!

Posted on May 8th, 2024 by Michael Burgess

Many students decide they want to get a job in college. Some do it for the experience, while others may need the help paying for tuition or to use as a little extra spending money. So where should international students look for jobs and what are a few tips in choosing the right job? We have a few ideas for you…just keep in mind you must first have the go-ahead from your host country’s government.

Where to Look for Jobs

When seeking a par time jobs there are many resources available to students. Most colleges will tend to have par time job fairs throughout the semester that bring employers on campus to find potential employees. In addition, there are great job resources available online and in the career services department of your university. There are also a lot of great places to look off campus. Students should go into businesses in their area that they want to work at. These businesses will tell a student if they are hiring, and will usher students to either fill out an application or apply online. Students will find that they will get a lot of calls back!

What to Look For in a Part Time Job

Part time jobs are great for students and many businesses will look to hire students who are available during peak hours. Students are great to work a bit later at night or open early in the mornings. In addition, most students have no problem working weekends. While these schedules are great for employers, students need to create a work schedule that suits them. With a full course load of classes each semester, students should make sure that they have their work schedule planned accordingly. You do not want to have scheduling conflicts with classes, and at the same time students should leave some hours available to study and have an outside social life. In addition, students should find a part time job that they enjoy. If you do not like being a cashier or working in the food industry then don’t look for fast food jobs or clerk jobs! Find something you enjoy and get to it!

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