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Aye Zindagi Download [4K, HD, 1080p 480p, 720p] Review: Understanding the narrative of the movie ‘Aye Zindagi Download’ and its message previous to discussing it’s vital. Consistently within the nation, there should not as quite a few passings due to malignant development as people stop working of various organs. Consistently round 5 lakh, people move on solely hanging tight for a talented organ contributor.

What’s extra, organ transplantation would possibly sound easy, nonetheless, the existence of the person who will get these acquired organs is tough after organ relocation. This is the substance of the movie ‘Aye Zindagi Download’. A child from Gwalior is participating his liver sickness whereas working in Lucknow. Trust carries him to Hyderabad and right here he meets a Greif information, comprehends in Hindi, a girl who motivates such people for organ presents, whose members of the family have handed on as per medical definition but the whole lot of their organs Hasn’t stop working but.

  • Movie Review : Aye Zindagi
  • Artist : Revathi, Satyajit Dubey, Mrinmayi Godbole, Shrikant Verma and Hemant Kher
  • Author : Anirban Bose
  • the director : Anirban Bose
  • The creator : Shiladitya Bora
  • Release date : 14 October 2022

Anirban Bose’s honest effort

Anirban Bose has made the movie ‘Aye Zindagi Download’ in mild of a real story. Being an observer to a depressing half in my very own group of organ transplantation, I’ve had the choice to understand just a little higher the factor is being depicted within the movie Aye Zindagi Download. Yet, whereas composing the movie Aye Zindagi Download, Anirban has taken distinctive consideration that no matter is being mentioned or displayed on display screen must be perceived by even the individuals who don’t have a whole lot of details about medical science.


Here the story continues on an especially shut-to-house stage. A younger fellow who has by no means at any level contacted liquor has a harmed liver. Along these traces, his physique is breaking down. The eyes are depressed within the pits. The hair on the pinnacle is flying. Their abdomen is getting swelled and he, on the finish of the day, begins feeling that at the moment maybe nothing will happen.

Be that as it might, there’s a sibling who chooses to accompany her for twenty-four hours. She has colleagues within the office who method to help an organ relocation and the highest of a company that approaches everyone within the gathering to method.

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Organ donation movie Aye Zindagi Download

Then once more are the workers working within the organ relocation emergency clinic? He has his family points. There is a medical caretaker who turns into the psychological assist of a affected person dwelling in a ruins. There is a Greif information who’s a big connection on this account of persuading others to present.

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In this particular person, there’s a splendid entertainer Revathi. Revathi’s govt movie ‘Salaam Venky’ is moreover going to be delivered quickly. That is also an account of assurance to hold on with life. This is the account of belief within the movie ‘Aye Zindagi Download’. A narrative the place the specialist tells the affected person that every organ relocates case accompanies an expiry date when even the acquired organ will stop working.


As a matter of reality, in lots of cases of organ relocation, specialists don’t inform this. This must be advised to the household in some measure in conditions the place a residing particular person is giving an organ to save lots of the existence of yet another particular person from his family members. The point of interest of the movie ‘Aye Zindagi Download’ is the message of giving the existence of one thing like seven people who handed on within the mishap.

This film must be proven at no cost

Two its chief Anirban Bose and its maker Shiladitya Bora must be regarded for making ‘Ae Zindagi’. What’s extra, all of the state legislatures of the nation must make this movie mandatorily tax-exempt and if conceivable, it must likewise be separated colleges and universities on their very own for nothing. This isn’t a movieAye Zindagi Download .

This time is the anticipated connection of progress, by becoming a member of which a lot of lives will be saved persistently. A easy alternative to present organs after loss of life can carry mild to the houses of lakhs of households within the nation who’re going by way of days trusting that their numbers will present up on the organ relocation holding up listing.

The movie ‘Aye Zindagi Download’ is unquestionably not a typical participating movie but this transient movie doesn’t look unwieldy whereas watching and the first justification behind that is the outstanding exhibition of its solid within the movie and its specialised group contributing as per the soul of the movie. .

Revathi, Satyajit, and Mrunmayee win hearts

Revathi has been working actually exhausting within the solid. The movie ‘Aye Zindagi Download’ is moreover a big achievement in his movie course of. How a girl who clears up for others units herself as much as convey the heap of hopelessness that has occurred upon her isn’t not tough to depict. Revathi has depicted this particular person within the movie Aye Zindagi Download. What’s extra, Satyajit Dubey!

This craftsman is actually astounding. He isn’t a Bollywood legend. He is a good entertainer. Satyajit has labored successfully first as a perishing younger fellow and afterward as a younger fellow dwelling in culpability subsequent to saving his life.


The discover of medical caretaker turned-nurture Mrunmayee Godbole within the movie’s supporting solid is critical on the grounds that she demonstrates that performing within the movie Aye Zindagi Download doesn’t should be an Apsara. It isn’t identified whether or not the movie Aye Zindagi Download is in any of your closest movie Aye Zindagi Download lobbies or not, nonetheless, within the occasion that you simply get a possibility, you’ll watch it.


Organ presents can provide life to someone. Everybody in all probability heard this factor generally, but a few people have handled it in a severe approach. As a matter of reality, organ present is completed to these people whose diseases are late-stage and who want organ relocation. Because of the absence of mindfulness, lakhs of people the nation over are combating life and demise as a result of non-accessibility of organs.

While the organs that give up life to the destitute are given to them. Simultaneously, within the occasion of loss of life in a coincidental mishap, many items of the human physique will be given for fairly some time. The movie Ae Zindagi: Life Finds a Way is dependent upon a real episode, underlining the importance of organ presents.

This story is of 26-12 months-outdated programmer Vinayak Chawla (Satyajit Dubey) working in Lucknow. He is experiencing liver cirrhosis an infection. His dad has resigned. Vinayak has only a half 12 months to stay till he will get a liver switch. He has hid the info about his illness from his group.

He meets information Revathi Rajan (Revati) in Hyderabad, going house for the times for his remedy. Revathi rouses the members of the family of cerebrum-useless sufferers to present their organs. At the purpose when the group chooses to fireside Vinayak, his PCP sibling Kartikeya (Sawan Tank) assumes the legal responsibility of coping with him by remaining with him within the office.

The senior chiefs of Vinayak’s group likewise broaden some help when he’s decided to have the an infection, but how can he get this liver? What type of accountability does he really feel about this, the story is about this.

From Shriram Lagoo to Mohan Agashe and Aditi Govitrikar, there was an in depth rundown of the individuals who procured a reputation in Hindi movie as a craftsman from the medical calling. Writer Arko, Palash Sen and vocalist Meiyang Chang are likewise specialists, nonetheless there may be not likely no matter different case when a specialist has chosen to show right into a film chief for a selected motive


Such is the narrative of Anirban Bose, a specialist in America. He is a specialist (Nephrologist) in kidney associated sicknesses by calling. Mohan went to the elevating cash program of an affiliation to evoke people for organ present and there he heard such a real story that he selected to make a movie on it.

Anirban has proactively composed three books on tales originating from his medical encounters, but this time the case was tied in with spreading a message internationally that isn’t not tough to plan for others to understand.


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