9 Relationships problems and how to solve them.


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Every Relationship is capable of having problems.

Relationships problems are those challenges couples face in their marriage or relationship.

This relationship problems are capable of destroying your relationship or marriage if not properly fixed.

One of the major causes of relationship problems is decrease in love.

When love departs from a relationship, crisis arise.

They are some steps you can take to resolve your relationship problems.

Here are common relationship problems and how to solve or fix them.

Most Common 9 Relationships Problems And Their Solutions:

#1. Communication Problem:

One major relationships problems is communication issue.

Communication is very important in every healthy relationship.

Some couple have become so occupied that they no longer discuss things together.

You feel misunderstood by your partner whenever you talk. As a result of that you feel depressed all the time.

Solution to communication problem of Communication:

“Figure out the type of person your partner is. Whether he/she is the type that shy away from certain topics.

Feel free to discuss whatever that is bothering you with your partner.

Tell him or her how you feel. Make him/her to feel comfortable before doing that”

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#2. Trust Issues:

When trust departs from a relationship it will definitely fail.

According to Nairaland , this issue of trust is capable of destroying any marriage without remedy.

What have you done that made your partner to stop trusting you? It is time to figure out.

Solution to the Problems of Trust.

“Figure out why your partner stopped trusting you.

Apologize to him/her if possible and don’t repeat the same mistake”.

#3. Problem of Unforgiveness:

Most people find it difficult to forgive.

One of the signs of those who truly love you is that they will always forgive your wrongs.

A good lover does not bear grudges. Unforgiveness is a very serious issue you must address.

Can two walk together except they agree?

Solution to the Problem of unforgiveness

“Remember this one thing- no one in life is perfect.

People must wrong you in one way or the other.

Learn how to let go of all the wrongs done by your loved one and move on”.

#4. The Problem of Infidelity:

Infidelity is another major relationships problems.

Either you or your lover is not faithful in the marriage.

Dating is meant for mature men and women and not for kids.

You ought to have been able to control your emotions by now.

How to fix the problem of infidelity:

“First of all address the situation if you still want the union to continue.

Let him/her know the implication of what they have done.

If they are not willing to change then you can go ahead and breakup.

#5. The problem of Time:

To have a successful friendship you must give it your time.

Most couple or lovers rarely spend time together. They are either occupied or distracted by certain things.

How to solve the problem of Time.

“Make your lover or you yourself realize why your relationship needs your time.

Create out time to walk and do things with your partner”.

#6. Problem of Different opinions:

As two different individuals your opinions must not be the same.

It is left for one person to surrender or accept the other person’s idea.

Argument might arise if care is not taken and it can lead to fight.

Solution to the problem of Different Opinions

“Learn to compromise most of the time just for peace to rain.

Accept your partner’s ideas if what you intend to do will not affect yours (opinion) so badly.

If it will, then consider the two options and know the one to follow”.

#7. Problems of Respect and Privacy:

Most people in relationships don’t respect themselves and their privacy.

Your lover does whatever he/she wants and go without any regards for you.

How to fix the problems of Privacy and Respect.

“Call your partner. Site down and address the issue. Let him/her know that they are seriously hurting you by their actions.

While doing this, do it with love and be serious that they may know how important the issue is to you”.

#8. The Problem of Money:

Money is very essential in life. Infact no one can survive without it.

Most of the time, some couples face this hardship in handling their finance.

They argue on who will buy the lunch or drinks especially when they fail to realize their responsibilities.

Solution to the problem of Money:

“Know your duties and work accordingly. Discuss the problem together and solve it”.

#9. The problem of Tolerance:

Tolerance is one thing that must not depart from your life.

Everyone has vices. It may be their mannerism that upsets you.

Maybe he/she is addicted to smoking, alcoholic drinks, etc.

According to Thought catalog ” It’s one thing to be both smokers, for instance, and tolerate each other. And a complete different thing to love one, live with one and still be unable to see through all the smoke with clarity”

Solution to the problem of Tolerance:

“Let them know the habits in them that you hate.

Talk to him or her with love and settle the dispute”.


Every marriage, friendship, dating etc. has its own weaknesses.

Problems must arise not because you are with the wrong person, but because things fall apart for better things to fall together.

Don’t see those challenges as something you cannot handle. It only requires your attention.

Decide to settle the misunderstandings in your relationships.

Never forget that nothing good comes so easily. You have to work for it.

Try your best and you will see it workout for you.

Show me a successful marriage or friendship and I will show you difficult phases it passed through.

Therefore; refuse to give up, follow the steps above and fix the problems.

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