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20+ Best Zayn Malik Hairstyles Over the Years


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From releasing successful solo music to having a baby with model-of-the-moment Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik has come a long way since his days as a young One Direction lad. One thing that has stayed the same, though, are his admirable hairstyles over the years. 

From an iconic man-bun to a bleach blonde ‘do, Zayn’s mane has undergone a stylish and fashionable evolution to keep up with the times.

So, whether you’re looking for some inspiration or just want to swoon over his different looks, let us walk you through 26 of the best Zayn Malik hairstyles since his rise to fame on The X Factor UK

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1. Blow-Dried to Perfection

During his early days in the band, Zayn used to own this haircut. Blow-dried up to extreme heights, brushed up all over, and slightly trimmed on the sides, we’re sure Directioners were eager to run their fingers through this head of hair!

2. A Blonde Streak

Testing the waters for his future blonde hair, Zayn decided to add a blonde streak to the front of his quiff back in 2010. It may be giving you skunk vibes, but that didn’t stop Zayn from making this rugged look appear cool. 

3. The Basic Spikes 

Zayn’s hair is iconic here. Pretty much every boyband member has sported this hairdo at one point or another, but this popular celeb made it look fashionable, no matter the era! Easily achieved for those with short hair using gel to keep things in place.

4. Long Hair Don’t Care

Other than Mena Massoud, Zayn Malik would have made a great Aladdin – especially during this hair period. Perfectly shiny and luxuriously neat, this bob-cut makes the superstar look incredibly mature. If you’ve also got long locks, side-part it and run some Layrite Original Pomade or wax through the strands for that slick look.

5. The Hairband Look

The 90’s hairband was the rage in 2014, and of course, Zayn attempted this style. With a man-ban to add that special touch, we have to say this style never suited anyone better. Get the same hair by slicking it back with Willbond’s headband and a low ponytail.

6. That Cool Quiff

From his gelled-back mane strutting to the right, to that tiny yet prominent strand of hair hanging from his hairline, Zayn definitely made a statement during this red carpet appearance – that he was the most stylish One Direction member. Zayn probably used a wax like TIGI’s one to make those locks look extra shiny.

7. Slicked-Back Bun

There was a time when the man-bun was the in-thing among dudes and it’s safe to say Zayn rocked it. This slick and wiped back hair ‘do is completed with a tiny bun at the high top and a scruffy beard.

8. Side-Swept

Zayn decided to flip his hair to the side during his long-haired era. This edgy hairstyle with a neat high fade gives us punk-rock vibes, but it didn’t last long on the star.

9. The Short Sides

This has to be one of our all-time favorite haircuts on Zayn. He looks super handsome with faded sides and a longer over-comb on the top of his head. Probably using a product like Jack Black’s Hard Body Sculpting Hair Gel to keep it intact, this is definitely one of his most mature looks. 

10. Blonde Highlights

One of the most fashionable celebrity couples out there! Zayn looks super stylish on this Vogue cover that he shot with his baby mama Gigi Hadid. Here he sports a longer, blow-dried look with yellow-toned highlights running through his locks.

11. The Overgrown Barnet 

Zayn looks baby-faced in this snap from 2018, especially with an overgrown scruffy top and faded sides. Still, it’s one his signature looks we’ve grown to love. 

12. Slicked Back Top Knot

Zayn looks like he’s stepped straight out of Grease with his leather jacket and greasy mane. Although we can’t say John Travolta would have pulled off the shaved sides as well as this star. Get the same look by asking your hairdresser to give you a high fade whilst keeping those longer locks up top.

13. Bold and Blonde

Throwback to the Mind of Mine era! Zayn looks fierce with this spiky blonde haircut style and an immaculate beard. Definitely one of our all-time favorite looks on the star.

14. Giving Green a Go

After getting bored of sensible styles and basic looks, the British star tested out a green ‘do to match some of his vibrant tattoos. Totally giving us Incredible Hulk vibes, we can’t deny how badass Zayn looks here. Add a superhero outfit, and the singer is good to save the day.

15. The Purple Look

It seems 2018 was the year of experimentation! We don’t think there’s a color that Zayn can’t pull off. Here he looks fab, even with a purple ‘do. Slightly trimmed on the sides and combed forward on top, this lilac color is daring to say the least!

16. Blonde Buzz Cut

Zayn brought back the blonde for this cover of GQ magazine, but added a twist with a full skinhead look. Clean-cut and stylish, the Nobody is Listening artist looks radiant here. Can we all agree that the buzz-cut goes down as one of his trendiest looks?

17. Pink and Perfect

Another color of the rainbow! Zayn’s hair truly reflects his mood and this time round, it was all things pink! In this photo, Zayn brought back the artistic hairdo, but this time, with a bleached pink layer on top. We’re totally here for it!

18. The Platinum Look

With only Eminem perfecting the bleached look ever before, Zayn has stolen the title in this picture with a chic bleached blonde ‘do which is synonymous with his style. This time round, though, he let his darker roots show beneath the blonde.

19. The Short Fade 

Keeping it simple for British Vogue, this undercut hairstyle really brought out Zayn’s best features and emphasized his perfect eyebrows. We guess he wasn’t feeling so adventurous during this hair era.

20. The Silver-Fox

Even with outgrown hair and grey bleach, Zayn still looks great with this simple hairstyle that he sported in 2018. Zayn as a silver fox? All the proof we need that he’ll be a handsome grandpa!

21. The Scruffy ‘Do

A scruffy hairdo not everyone can pull off – except for Zayn Malik – and with over 4 million likes on this snap, his fans clearly agree! You can style your long hair like Zayn by using a ghd Air Hair Dryer to get more volume and by running your fingers through it using some pomade. 

22. Teased Waves

We guess this is what Zayn looks like straight out of bed? Even a grown-out, scruffy look suits the singer. We get to see his natural curls in this picture where he’s left his locks a lot longer (and ruffled) than usual. Want to copy the hairstyle? Glide through those long locks with an Aveda Paddle Brush and add some saltwater-based styling spray to get some shine and stability.

23. The Shaved Head

If you’ve got hair as thick as Zayn’s, you’ll probably want to shave it, too! It comes as no surprise that he can even pull off the shaved head. While most look like they chose this cut out of laziness, Zayn looks perfect without a single strand of hair on his head.

24. Detailed Patterns

This mohawk hairstyle is a complete work of art! I mean, look at the way the tattoos blend effortlessly into the cut. The details in the skin fade are memorizing and so unique, we can’t fault the star for wanting to show of his fantastic tattoos.

25. Dyed Blue to Woo

Zayn decided to add some zjoosh to his hairstyle by donning this bleached blue ‘do. Even though it’s daring, it actually looks really good on the British singer. One of his unexpectedly best looks, we must say.  

26. Blue and Overgrown

We can’t help but think of a Smurf every time we look at this picture of Zayn on the cover of GQ India magazine, but somehow, the popstar still manages to look good with a blue barnet. A style he’s sported for the majority of 2021 so far.

It’s safe to say that Zayn isn’t afraid to test out new hairstyles, cuts and colors, and can pull off even the most daring of looks! 

Which Zayn Malik hairstyle is your favorite? And which one out of all of these haircuts might you be experimenting with? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below. 

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